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The Vice-President :

  • Takes over when the President is unavailable.
  • Organizes Son of Rock in early May
  • Organizes Rock Party in late September or early October
  • Organizes the Winter Social in the winter (this has not been organized for a while but could be revived if interested)
  • Sometimes organizes Winter Longhike in late January or early February
  • Organizes the Annual Banquet in mid March
  • A good position for somebody with social skills, who is good at getting lots of help when needed.
  • Requires good organizational skills.

The low down

Congratulations, you're supposed to be the second highest ranked person in the club but who's kidding, the treasurer has way more influence than you. So does the senior quartermaster. Should have ran for Secretary, eh? Don't let this weigh you down. You're still the go-to guy/girl to get Son of Rock, Rock Party, the Winter Social(s) and the Banquet off the ground. And if you're extremely lucky, you may become president if the current president dies on some beginner friendly or mountaineering trip. After the mentioned reponsibilities this position is really as much as you make it. Have a great year!

Your humble tasks

As soon as you get elected, you must start thinking about preparing Rock Party (Longhike) in the fall. You must book the Mamquam River Campground for Son of Rock and for Rock Party by the end of March. See the detailed task list for Son of Rock logistics.

Pre-booking makes organization of Rock Party notably easier. See the organizational timeline for Longhike logistics. Detailed task lists for Rock Party as well as all the other trips that the Vice President organizes are also included in the most recent exec report here

Thinking that you're in the clear after Longhike? Nope. Next up is the winter social in early December (this did not happen this past year and no in the 2017-2018 exec seemed to know about it so I'm not actually sure when it was organized last). It's somewhat a Christmas-ish get-together minus the Christmas part before the holidays that involves a potluck, slideshow and maybe even some music and dancing. It's not as big as the banquet, but still a good bash. See the organizational timeline for Winter Social logistics if you want to take this on. Finding a DJ may be difficult. You could either talk to DJ Manu (Emmanuel Beraud) but he wasn't available for Rock Party last year. Another option is DJ Boogie Shoes. They helped us out with Rock Party but I am not sure how much you want to spend on this event as they can charge quite a bit.

This year, Winter Longhike was also organized by the Vice President. This is a winter snowcaving party trip of sorts held at Mt Seymour (usually just SW of the first pump) in late January or early February. I would suggest that the Vice President take this on in future years as it is the winter version of Longhike. The AGM also usually doesn't take much work so you are otherwise pretty much off the hook until the Banquet in March (still make sure to get the administrative stuff done for the AGM multiple months prior).

By early January, it's time to get the ball rolling for the semi-formal annual VOC Banquet (AGM). The Banquet is typically held in the middle of March (around March 15th). Don't worry, it's at least an order of magnitude less demanding than organizing Rock Party. See the organizational timeline for Banquet logistics. St James Community Square has been a great location for the Banquet in the last couple years. Another location is Koerners Pub on campus.

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