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  • Exec Reports Brief description and annual report of each executive position.
  • Executive Meetings Links to agendas and minutes for the next executive meeting. See Clubroom for dates and times.
  • Constitution VOC's constitution.
  • Accidents A semi organized listing of recent accidents.
  • The List A long list of everything the club does, or should do, during the year.
Position 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
President Nick Hindley Alastair White Birgit Rogalla 
Vice President Isobel Mouat Luc Harvey Abigail Chapman 
Treasurer Else Bosman Krista Cawley Vanny Pornsinsiriruk 
Secretary Katie Moreland Julia Ramos Bujalil  Julia Ramos Bujalil 
Membership Chair Cora Skaien Jan Prchal Jackson Dagger 
VOCene Editor Ilia Capralov Erica Haugland Declan Taylor 
Trips Coord Joe O'Brien Heather Hughes-Adams Robert Shilton
Head Quartermaster Alastair White Jessica Brown Jessica Brown & Hannah Bates
Quartermasters Heather Filyk Hannah Bates Gabrielle Booth
Ainsley MacDougall Vanny Pornsinsiriruk  Diego Adleson
Esther Li Diego Adleson Natalie Maslowski
Lukas Schreiber Swantje Moehle 
Journal Editor Lucy Buchanan-Parker Mia Fajeau  Kylie Schatz
Archivist Elliott Skierszkan Else Bosman Mia Fajeau 
Public Relations Byron Wilson Maria Berno  Maria Berno 
FMCBC/ACC Rep Birgit Rogalla Alexander Girard Natalie Bojarsky
Huts Coordinator George Hill Haley Foladare  Haley Foladare 
Trails Coordinator Devon Campbell Cassandra Elphinstone  Cassandra Elphinstone 
Swag Master Kelsey Miller Jackson Dagger  Christopher Barry
VOC Journal VOCJ59 VOCJ60 VOCJ61

For the full list of Executive prior to 2017, view the tables at the back of the Centennial Book.