Executive Meetings

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The elected Club Executive meets once a week to discuss upcoming events and generally make the Club run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes this involves mostly putting out fires, and sometimes it involves far-ranging philosophical discussion. If you would like to attend an Exec meeting you can do so, but please realize that these people are pretty busy, so don't interrupt. If you have something to present, talk to the president before the meeting so it can be scheduled. If you just want to renew your membership, probably this can be done without interrupting the meeting. If you want to take out gear, this is not the time to do it.

Each year we discuss when to hold Exec meetings, to maximize the number of Exec who can be there. Usually we come up with Wed noon because anything later would interfere with telling our members what's going to happen on the coming weekend, and anything earlier we haven't figured out what's happening, or even recovered from the previous weekend.

April - August 2013: the meetings are biweekly in the clubroom at 12:00 -- 13:00 on Wednesdays.

You can find the minutes from past exec meetings here [1] If you're interested in what the exec did the previous years, you could check out the exec reports.