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There are lots of 3rd party sources of funding for projects like Huts, Trails, environmental restoration, expeditions, etc.


  • Alpine Club of Canada grant applications are due on January 31st of each year. Categories are Environmental, expeditions and scholarships for courses
  • MEC grants applications are due March 10th and September 10th each year. Categories include environmental research & conservation, access, advocacy and urban sustainability. The Brian Waddington Hut ($3000), Jim Haberl Hut ($10000) and Phelix Creek Trail ($855) and Europa ($2000) are examples of projects that have recieved funds from MEC grants.
  • AMS Innovative Project Fund Yes, the AMS offers grants. Applications are due in November.


The Vancouver ACC raised approximately $9000 for the construction of Jim Haberl Hut by holding a raffle. Most of the prizes seem to have been donated by local businesses