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How to sign out gear

The following procedure is used every time the club loans out gear to anybody for whatever reason. No exceptions are made for longhike, glacier school, VOC execs girl/boyfriends, etc. Not even you get to bend the rules. If we catch you, we kick your ass. You have been warned.

  • The time for gear rental is posted on the bulletin board by the clubroom door.
  • Always bring cash for deposit. We do not accept cheque, visa, mastercard, interact, etc.
  • The borrower must provide his current phone number, email address and street address.
  • Gear is always due back on or before 12:30 on Thursday of the coming week. We can make special arrangements for longer trips.
  • To renew gear, the borrower must show up physically in the clubroom and sign it out again. She doesn't have to bring the gear with her to do this. Obviously we keep the deposit she made when the gear was initially signed out, minus any late fees (see below).
  • You cannot prevent another member from borrowing a piece of equipment on the weekend after you have borrowed it. For example: if you borrow a transceiver for a weekend, and then another member wants to borrow said transceiver the following weekend but cannot because you have not returned it, you are in trouble.
  • Before letting people sign out gear, we make sure they have returned all their outstanding gear. Also we check if they have done a workhike. If they haven't, we make them sign up for one. If they are already signed up for a workhike, and they haven't done it yet, they can't take out the gear.
  • Late gear is charged a late fee of 5% of the deposit value per day up to a maximum of 1/2 of the entire deposit value. Weekends count as two days.
  • People who are late for two or more weeks are marked as Delinquents. Their names are published in the VOCene. We phone/email/hassle all the Delinquents until they return the gear. The names of Delinquents are published on the wiki wall of shame for all eternity