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Club Gear

Club gear is managed by the Quartermasters. Club members can borrow gear for free if they leave a deposit. A full VOC gear policy should be made available. Everyone is supposed to do a workhike before borrowing club gear, although exceptions are sometimes made for new members early in the year.

Club gear is maintained by the quartermasters and club members and as such is subject to the time constraints of busy students. This means the gear you receive may not be in the best condition. You must examine and/or test borrowed gear before you take it on a trip. Report damage to the quartermasters. Usually you can earn a workhike by maintaining or repairing the club gear you borrow.

Please return your gear on time if you don't want to join the Wall of shame.

Gear Rental Rules

  • Using Club gear is one of the privileges of being a fee-paying (Student or Associate) Member.
  • Alumni Members don't pay fees and are not entitled to use Club Gear; presumably by the time you get to be a Alumni Member, you have bought your own gear.
  • Members are entitled to use one set of gear at a time, not gear for yourself and your friends (unless they are Members). If your friend needs a beacon and you need a beacon, your friend should join the Club if s/he wants to use a Club beacon.
  • A large cash deposit is required to take out Club Gear. The cash is returned to you when you bring back the gear.
  • When you take out gear, you indicate when you are bringing it back. Please bring it back when you say you will, or sooner. Others are probably waiting to use it.
  • There may be penalties for bringing gear back late.
  • If you need to take out gear for longer than a weekend, discuss this with the Gear Person, who may let you take it out for longer.
  • Return gear in good condition; boots should be dry. If something broke, tell us about it.
  • It's best to not try to reserve gear. If you need something, take it before somebody else gets it.
  • Look over your gear carefully to ensure it is all there and it will work for you. Make sure your boots both fit your feet and the skis, and that your skins fit. Check for loose screws in the bindings. Check both halves of the pair. People have managed to borrow two left boots, for example.
  • You are supposed to have completed a “work hike”. If you haven’t done yours yet, discuss this with the Gear Person. Usually you can earn a workhike by maintaining or repairing the club gear you borrow.

Gear Rental Hours (when the Clubroom will be open)

The current gear hours are listed below. If you need to meet the Quartermasters outside of gears hours due to scheduling conflicts, ask nicely. Over the holidays, it might be a good idea to email first, if you are planning to come in.

Updated for Winter 2011!!

  • Monday 12:00 - 13:00
Aron Zahradka
  • Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00
Julia Stafford
  • Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00
Caitlin Schneider
  • Thursday 11:00 - 12:00
Todd Mackenzie
  • Friday 12:00 - 13:00

NOTE: If you need to meet outside of these posted gear hours, your best bet is to email the quartermaster (gear at ubc-voc dot com) and be prepared to bring some small bribe (food or drink generally works well).


In the clubroom in the basement of the SUB, by the Bike Kitchen. This map will guide you.


If you would like to contact the quartermasters, you can email:
gear at ubc-voc dot com

If you want to contact an individual Quartermaster you can find them at:

Jacob Slosberg:

jacobslosberg at gmail dot com

Caitlin Schneider:

caitlin.m.schneider at gmail dot com

Todd Mackenzie

todd at phas dot ubc dot ca

Aron Zahradka

aronadka at gmail dot com

Julia Stafford

julia dot stafford at comcast dot net

We can also help you out with VOC membership or VOC library loans, or perhaps also other VOC related stuff...


All gear is borrowed on a deposit system. When you return the gear, you get your deposits returned. Below are some of the deposit amounts. We don't accept personal cheques for deposits, and we don't do credit cards, so that leaves cash only.

Rock Climbing Gear

Item Deposit Notes
Rope $100
Climbing Shoes $40
Climbing Harness $40
Helmet $40
"Climbing Package" $100 Shoes, harness, and helmet!

Mountaineering Gear

Item Deposit Notes
Climbing Harness $40
Mountaineering Boots $40
Ice Axe $40
Crampons $40 Please bring your boots

Back Country Ski Gear and Snow Sports

Item Deposit Notes
Telemark Skis $80
Poles $20
Climbing Skins $40
Tele Boots (leather) $40
Tele Boots (plastic) $80
Beacon $200 Batteries are NOT provided
Shovel $40
Avalanche Probe $40
"Small Ski Package" $200 Skis, plastic boots, poles, and skins!
Snowshoes $40


Item Deposit Notes
All items $40 If item value is far less than $40, deposit is $20.
Speak to a quartermaster.

Gear List

By the way, these lists are ridiculously out of date.

  • Rock Climbing Gear
    • Harnesses
    • Ropes
    • Climbing shoes
    • Helmets
  • Mountaineering Gear
    • Ice axes
    • Crampons
  • Miscellaneous
    • Camping gear and backpacks
    • Lots of Clubroom library|books

  • Back-country Ski Gear and Snow Sports
    • Snowshoes
    • Telemark skis
    • Skins
    • Poles
    • Leather telemark boots
    • Gaiters
    • Shovels
    • Avalanche transceivers

Gear Plan

After many months of discussion and debate, a 5-year plan (2007-2011) has been put forward to revitalize the current gear in the clubroom.

By the way, we have significantly overachieved our goals. We have more gear than what fits in the gear room. Maybe we should start a 5 year plan on how to maintain and store the gear we currently have.

Other Gear Rental Locations

Mountain Equipment Co-op is probably the best source of rental equipment. More information can be found on their MEC's rental page
Valhalla Pure Outfitters