Geoff's Beginner Friendly Day Trip to Coliseum Mountain

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Coliseum Mountain is a modest bump on the North Shore visible from much of Vancouver. The trail begins with an easy 6km hike starting in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and continues up a moderately steep, marked trail to the summit. Snow shoes will probably be necessary to ensure everyone's sanity, but don't distress, the club has them for rent! With good weather we should have a great view of Vancouver and other north shore mountains. If the group is feeling strong and the conditions are good then we may continue on to the summit of Mt. Burwell (a neighboring peak) or even Cathedral.

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park describes the route as being 10h return to the summit of Colliseum, but they are very conservative with their times and it is usually much less. We will make sure we fill the day though!

Check out this map

Skills Required

No technical skills are required. In fact no hiking experience is required either! Beginners are more than welcome.

  • Should like the outdoors (or be prepared to tolerate it)
  • Fitness or willingness to suffer

This trip is Beginner Friendly. This means that beginners to hiking/snowshoeing are more than welcome and others will help and wait for them. This does not mean the trip is necessarily easy or safe. Check out the VOC definition of Beginner Friendly here.

Gear Required

This is only a day trip so no overnight gear is required, however survival gear is always good to have in case we did have to stay the night (ie: space blanket, headlamp, garbage bag, toque, etc...)

Some important stuff I'll list below

  • Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots (stiff)
  • Raingear (always assume it's going to pour)
  • Warm gear (it is winter after all)
  • Food and water
  • Layered hiking clothes
  • Toque/gloves
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Poles
  • Snowshoes
  • A day pack to put it all in

Snowshoes are available for rent from the club. Gear hours are:

Monday: Katherine 12:30-1:30; Please return your gear now.

Tuesday: Skyler 12:00-13:30 Also available 17:00-18:00 if you email him.

Wednesday: Caitlin 17:30-18:30 Note no gear during the 12:30-13:30 Exec meeting.

Thursday: Jacob 13:00-14:00 ish

Friday: Todd 12:30-13:30

More gear info is here

Trip Details

If you have a car sign up under the vehicle section below. While having drivers on the trip will make life a lot easier, it is not strictly necessary as there are also public transit options.

Make sure you pick up snowshoes from the clubroom the week before the trip if you don't have them. Gear hours are posted for Tuesday 12:30-1:30 and Wednesday 12:30-1:30. Check to be sure.

Pre-Trip Meeting

There will be a pre-trip meeting at 6pm Wednesday, Dec 1. This is during gear hours, so gear can be rented at this time. Attending pre-trip meetings is important, but if you can't attend then make sure you let Geoff know that you're coming, and arrange for your own transportation.


Max tentatively set at 15. Higher if a couple other experienced VOCers come along.

Sign up below with your name, a clever nickname, and your experience level

  1. Geoff "Frostbite" Martin (lots of experience hiking and mountaineering, lack of common sense)
  2. Jasmin "Pretty sure I can come along but might have to confirm next week" Lightbody (Reasonable hiking experience, not much time in the snow)
  3. Michael "The Snowmann" Uhlmann (Done lots of hiking also in snow)
  4. Steph "Woupdy" Grothe (Heaps of hiking, also in snow and w/ snowshoes)
  5. Clemens "Hypothermia" Adolphs (Same as Steph)
  6. Gwyn "Jack Frost" Thomas (lots of hiking, some in the snow, excited to try out my new snowshoes and boots)

Vehicle List

Sign up here if you have a vehicle, with the number of seats available and where you are leaving from.

Other Travel Options

The bus!

If your coming from the UBC/Kits/Point Grey/Dunbar area you have to make it downtown (can take the 17, the 99 and the 22, or the 25 and the 22 among others) then across the Burrard Inlet to North Van (the sea bus) then to Lynn Headwaters (the #210). It is also possible to take the 210 from downtown. If bussing is necessary we can organize groups to go together.