Golden Ears Emergency Shelter

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Golden Ears Emergency Shelter
Overnight Capacity 6-8
Elevation 1440m (4720ft)
Fee None
Reservations No
Locked No
Built 2002
Caretaker Golden Ears Trail Preservation and Restoration Club, BC Parks

The Golden Ears Emergency Shelter is a small wilderness hut located on Golden Ears Mountain in Golden Ears Provincial Park, near Maple Ridge BC. It is accessed by the Golden Ears trail. A sign on the hut indicates that it is to be used in emergency situations only.


The hut sleeps 6-8 (estimate only) and does not appear to be have any equipment inside. Water is available close-by; the running stream has been observed exposed on July 1. There is no outhouse.


The hut is located on a ridge some 300m below the North Ears peak. The trail leading to the hut is still snow-covered for several kilometers (observed July 1). To reach the peak from the hut one must cross a permanent snowfield. The area surrounding the hut is quite level and could be suitable for tenting.

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