Harrison Hut Trail Recconaissance Round 2

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Harrison Hut Trail Reconnaissance June 2011


The plan is to investigate 3 future trail options as shown on this google map

    • Orange lines are existing roads
    • Green lines need exploration
    • Blue lines have already been explored and are known to be passable by fit and experienced parties.

There are 3 potential lines that need to be ground checked by parties for planning purposes:

  1. Lower Route
  2. Upper Route
  3. Possible Trail to hut

We know that we can drive to the location shown on the map which is close enough to the end of the road that bikes are not thought to be necessary for any of the routes but folks could bring bikes if that is something that they thought would be useful and if there is space in the cars. Ideally there will be parties of between 3 to 6 for each of the above 3 lines to be checked. Additional people can work on the road.

People need to be self sufficient as we do not want to have to babysit anyone.

1. Lower Route

A route that goes just above the section that was destroyed in the landslide needs to be explored. The plan at present would be to start near the corner with the Lillooet River valley and Meager Creek the route would then go up gently above the cliffs directly opposite Capricorn Creek and then link up with the previously bushwhacked section in the existing clear cut.

2. Upper Route

The plan would be to essentially start bushwhacking a trail from the highest western most switchback above where the lower route splits off. The route would contour over to the top of an adjacent logging road north of the creek that drain Pika Peak and Uriah's Heap.

3. Possible Trail to hut

The third and final leg would be to investigate the route that goes up the ridge north of Barr Creek from the logging roads that come out of the Meager Creek valley. There are 2 options for this way and ideally both would be explored. The route connecting with the #2 High route would also need to be investigated to determine if using the existing logging roads or putting in a new line is most advantageous.

We would be looking for the easiest fastest route to the hut.


Organized by: Ben Singleton-Polster / Christian Veenstra


Here is the [ Message Board Thread]


Start time: Saturday, July 16, 5:30 am Meet at Petro Canada in Squamish.

End time: Sunday, July 17, 11:39 pm

Pre-trip meeting

Pretrip will be happening on July 14, 2011 at 7pm in the VOC club room. There will be a slideshow presentation on the present status of the trail ideas and future exploration plans for the weekend.


Details and Signup Here!


actually going Drivers

See the Trip agenda


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