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Landslide hazards

The Meager Group is one of the most geologically active areas in Canada and is responsible for periodic landslides including, in 2010, one of the largest in Canadian recorded history. So, before heading up to the hut, you may wish to [check and see] if the road/area has been closed. This sometimes happens during very hot periods, or periods with a lot of precipitation. You can read about some of the information the government uses to make this decision in this document. Our trail is accessed via the Lillooet South FSR and stays on the stable side of the valley, it is therefor less exposed to geological hazard than other nearby areas. The Upper Lillooet / Meager Creek FSR road information may also be of interest to you, especially if you were considering visiting other places in the Meager Creek valley that are more exposed to landslide hazards (for example, the hotsprings).

Pika Creek (which the trail crosses) is also subject to periodic small rockslides. That's why there's no bridge. Obviously, do not camp in this area.

Driving directions

Driving directions to the Harrison trailhead:

Start driving on Pemberton Meadows Rd.

@ km 9 from the Hurley FSR turn-off, there is a sign that says "Lillooet South FSR" and another "End of public road".

Reset odometer.

km 3.4 Bridge
km 8.9 Go right
km 10.6 Bridge
km 18.6 Bridge (NB: there is a sign that says km 18 just after the bridge)
km 18.9 Go Left
km 19.3 Spidery creek
km 23.3 Bridge
km 23.7 Go left (2wd vehicles park here, it is too steep and loose after this point)
km 26 Go right
km 28 Go right
km 29 Go left
km 29.1 Go left
km 29.6 Trailhead

The route


Above is a sketch of the route, as appears on the trailhead signs. The most up-to-date information on the route can be found on this (notated) google map. You may also download GPS-compatible data from the google map by clicking on the kml link. You can also download this GPX file. If you are into printable PDFs ours is slightly outdated (in particular the trail between the end of the second road and Pika Creek is totally wrong)... if somebody takes the time to make a new one with the new google map info above that would be great!

As of mid 2014 hiking season the route is continuous, but it is not yet complete as a trail. Footbed work continues in various areas. But it's brushed out, most of the worst sidehills have a good footbed, Barr Creek has a bridge, and there are sufficient markers that you should have no problem finding the way if you're careful.

Work on the Route

Work is currently being organized by Christian Veenstra, with past help from especially Ben Singleton-Polster. If you'd like to help out get in contact with them or the VOC executive. You can also read about past work on Harrison Hut access if you are interested.