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VOC huts

The VOC currently maintains four huts :

  • Brew Hut just South of Mt Brew, between Brandywine Creek and Roe Creek.
  • Harrison Hut Near Meager Hotsprings, west of Pemberton.
  • Brian Waddington Hut in Phelix Creek (Birkenhead Park) area.
  • Burton Hut in Sphinx Bay on Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Check out the VOC hut maintenance page for info on past and ongoing projects.

Also check the lost and found page for gear left behind in and around the VOC huts.

There is a long history of VOC huts dating back to the late 1910s when the first cabin was built on Hollyburn Mountain.

Reservations, and fees for usage

VOC huts are open to all non-mechanized, non-commercial groups. There is no reservation system, however large groups are encouraged to register on the VOC hut registration page. This is simply to reduce the possibility of large groups running into eachother at a small hut and does not give any group priority to use the hut. Users should send $5/person/night for hut maintenance to:

 Varsity Outdoor Club
 Box 98, Student Union Building
 6138 Student Union Mall
 Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2B9

Commercial users should contact the VOC before using the huts.

Other Huts

Additionally, VOC members often visit other huts in the coast range :


These are small enough that they don't really count as huts, but a few people could sleep in them if needed.