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6 Items You Should Own in the VOC

In the VOC, you can get by without owning a lot of gear. Gear can be expensive after all. But for the avid adventuress/adventurer having a few key items around will make your outdoor life much easier.

Below are 6 items that everyone in the VOC should own, but if ownership really isn't a possibly, some of these items can be rented from the club. Look for the *asterisk* to know what is available to borrow.

1. Hiking Boots*

If you’re going on a hike, chances are you’ll be on your feet most of the day. A good fitting pair of boots will make that time much more comfortable and will help prevent blisters and other foot sores. You get bonus points if your boots have good ankle support and are waterproof/resistant.

2. Head Lamp

You NEED one. Really. Just get one. And ALWAYS bring it. Even on day trips. You CANNOT rent these.

3. Wool and Synthetic Clothing

Cotton is the most miserable fabric to take on trips. This includes jeans. Whenever cotton gets wet, it gets COLD. Wool will keep you warm even when it’s soaked and synthetics (any kind - nothing fancy needed) will dry quickly. Your local thrift store is likely to have a descent selection of these.

4. Sleeping Bag & Mat*

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, but sleeping in your own camping gear is a close second. Having sleeping gear that fits with your comfort level will really help you get a good night’s rest on the trail. If purchasing your own sleep-stuff isn't in your budget (you can find good second-hand items online), you can rent sleeping bags from MEC and mats from VOC.

5. Pack*

While new packs can be pricey, for the keen VOCer, it is worth the investment. Like boots, a pack that fits well makes long days with heavy weight much more bearable. Also once you are familiar with the features of your own pack, you'll learn how to pack more effectively. These are available to borrow from the club.

6. 1L Water Bottle

A good sturdy water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout your trip. Many people take 2 liters of water (so 2 water bottles) on trips and refill as needed. Bladder work too. These are also not rentable