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# Caitlin
# Caitlin
# Steve
# Steve
# Gwyn
--Extra Boat/paddle/skirt available--
--Extra Boat/paddle/skirt available--

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Check the message board for the latest updates.


UBC Aquatic centre, heated outdoor pool


The cost of a 2h pool session is about $180.00 and is split between everyone who shows up at the pool on a particular evening. If we get 12 (or more) folks to come out it will be $15 per person (or less).

free when at the beach

Details about the session

The sessions now have two parts:

  • First Half

For beginners and those wanting to work on specific skills, club members will have time to go over the basics of rolling and some flat water boat handling with direct instruction. For those who just want to get exercise and play, the games can begin right at opening.

  • Second Half

For the second half of the time a larger organized game of polo will be the main focus. The Polo part is more fun than you might think; it gets your mind away from over-thinking the rolling process and is good practice for working on boat control and balance.

Next Session

Tuesday, October 12 , 2010

UBC Pool



--Has Boat--

  1. Anne
  2. Cora
  3. Erik

--Needs Boat--

  1. Caitlin
  2. Steve
  3. Gwyn

--Extra Boat/paddle/skirt available--

  1. Erik (1)
  2. Club boats (3)
  3. Piotr (1)
  4. Jacob (1)

For sanity's sake there'll be an 18 boats limit for the pool session - we officially only have half the pool so it would be very crowded with any more than that...


bring a waterproof / windproof coat if you dont have a wetsuit or drytop it should not be too cold but it will be wet (even if it doesn't rain)

Gear Borrowing

I know there are people in the club who boat but who might not be able to come out on a given week so try to borrow/lend gear (it's club spirit) Below is a list that people with boats to lend out can add their names to, ideally with accessories.

  1. David Roscoe - has boat, paddle, skirt to lend. dwroscoe at gmail dot com or 778 384 4257
  2. Jacob Slosberg - has boat paddle, skirt, pfd to lend. jacobslosberg at gmail dot com
  3. Erik Frebold - has boat, paddle, skirt to lend. efrebold at interchange dot ubc dot ca

Further information

If you have any questions post on the trips message board.