Keith's Hut

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Keith's hut in late spring

Keith Flavelle was a very experienced mountaineer and great contributor to the BC mountaineering community. When he was killed during an expedition Mount Logan, his friends and family built this hut in his memory. It is a very comfortable hut that contains a wood heater. The hut is near the base of the Anniversary Glacier and provides access to excellent summer mountaineering and winter backcountry skiing. See the Joffre Group wiki page for more information on trips from this hut. If you are staying in the hut, please consider making a contribution to help for upkeep and repairs (dropbox or by mailing a cheque), especially when using firewood (this is transported in by helicopter).

Every September a work party organized by the family ventures up to the hut to perform repairs and maintenance - watch the VOC message board for announcements.


Location of Keith's Hut and Trail

Hut + Trail Conditions

There are two trails into Keith's Hut for the winter and summer seasons respectively. Both trails originate at at a parking pullout on the Duffey Lake Road, and cross a stream (Cayoosh Creek) immediately after the parking area.

Shortly after, the (new as of 2009) summer trail ascends a flagged and well-trodden route up the West side of Cerise Creek, which ties in to the the old logging roads for a distance before returning to the forest and the old (pre-2009) summer route. In the forest well after the logging road there is a trail-intersection with separate routes for the Hut (right) and the toe of the Anniversary Glacier (left).

The winter trail crosses a second bridge over Cerise Creek near the highway and ascends the East side the creek before crossing back over Cerise Creek near the foot of the Anniversary Glacier.

July 4, 2011

Party of three skinned in the winter route. The bridge over Cerise Creek was no longer snow-covered and was under water, requiring wet feet. Snow is melting rapidly up near the hut, and the higher portion of the winter trail along the creek will soon be difficult to navigate due to melting snow bridges.

Further Information