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=Welcome to the VOC Wiki=
This wiki is managed by the [http://www.ubc-voc.com Varsity Outdoor Club] of the University of British Columbia (UBC). A wiki is a collaborative web site that can be edited by anyone. The content of this site is primarely of interest to VOC members. However, since it includes general information about hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and back-country skiing in the Coast Range it is likely to be of interest to others as well.
We '''welcome your contribution!''' However, '''please [[VOCWiki:How does one edit a page | read the guidelines]] before posting''' anything. We welcome contributions from club members and non-members alike. With your careful attention to quality this will become a very useful resource. This is a place for factual information with a long shelf life.
'''Things to do and places to see:'''
* [[Trip ideas]]
* [[Huts]]
* [[Annual club events]]
* [[Workhikes]] ''need a workhike to borrow gear?''
* [[UBC buildering]]
* [[Recipes]] ''For Backcountry Cooking - Don't know where else to put this''
* [[Trip agenda|Trips]]
* [[Slide shows]]
* [http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v236/cellsexplode/IMG_7241.jpg Climbing wall available hours]
'''Clubroom resources:'''
* [[VOC Journal]]
* [[List of archives]] in the VOC clubroom
* [[Clubroom library]]
* [[Gear|Gear rental]]
'''Exec Stuff:'''
* [[Exec reports]]
* [[Exec Meeting Agenda]]
* [[Exec TODO List]]
* [[Land use issues]]
* [[Whiteboard]] this page is used for temporary info
* [[Web links]]
* [[Conservation and Recreation Access]]
* [http://www.ubc-voc.com Main VOC webpage]
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===Wiki Tip of the Moment===
The wiki software has recently been upgraded. You can now upload images again (you need to create an account for this to work). If you have any technical problems with the site, contact Chris (webmaster at ubc-voc dot com).
An [[VOCWiki:Tip | archive]] of previous tips is available.

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