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* [[Gear]]
* [[Gear]]
* [[Annual club events]]
* [[Annual club events]]
* [[Tips]]
* [[Exec Reports]]

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Welcome to the VOC Wiki

This will be a place for factual information with a long shelf life.

A Wiki only works if people contribute to it! Don't be afraid, it's easy. Just click on the bottom of a page to edit it.

A couple quick guidelines for making contributions :

  • Write articles with a neutral point of view (NPOV). Since articles will be edited over and over, they need to be written in a neutral style so that consensus on the content can eventually be reached.
  • Try to avoid putting jokes on the pages. Humour is good on websites managed by a single person, but on a Wiki if everyone adds a joke, soon the real content will be lost.
  • Avoid creating very short stub articles that have no useful content.
  • Do create links to pages that don't yet exist but that should be written.
  • If you just want to see how this works practice in the Sandbox.
  • Consider creating an account so that we can keep track of who's making changes. But remember it's not required you can edit a page without logging in.

Go ahead and create a new page or edit an existing one. Don't worry about it not being perfect the first time around, that's the beauty of the Wiki, someone else will come along and improve it. A complete history of every page is kept, so don't worry and be bold, pages can always be reverted to a previous version.

More information on how to contribute is available : VOCWiki:How does one edit a page

If you need inspiration have a look at the very successful Wikipedia.