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* [[Clubroom library]]
* [[Clubroom library]]
* [[Gear|Gear rental]]
* [[Gear|Gear rental]]
* [http://www.ubc-voc.com/wiki/upload/c/c8/Climbingwall2.jpg Climbing wall available hours]
* [http://www.ubc-voc.com/wiki/upload/8/80/Climbingwall2.jpg Climbing wall available hours]
'''Exec Stuff:'''
'''Exec Stuff:'''

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Welcome to the VOC Wiki

Hello, and welcome to the VOC Wiki. We welcome your contribution! However, please read the guidelines before posting anything. With your careful attention to quality this will become a very useful resource. This will be a place for factual information with a long shelf life.

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Wiki Tip of the Moment

There are many ways to make contributions to the Wiki. You don't need to be an outdoors hard-person or a computer geek. If you're new to the outdoors but want to help out, you could spend a bit of time fixing the formating, spelling, and grammar of some of the existing articles.

An archive of previous tips is available.