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Maps in the Clubroom

We have assorted maps in the Clubroom. You can take them away and photocopy them, but mostly they don't want to be taken on trips because that will destroy them. CopyRight makes color copies if you need color. Finding a map of a particular area may be difficult, though if we made an index, it would be way less difficult. We could put the map index here.

The UBC Map Library

The UBC Map Library has a way bigger budget than we do, and way more, recent, maps; for instance they have a 1:20,000 map, in color, showing the terrain around our Brew Hut. They do not allow you to take the maps out; you can photocopy them at the Map Library but their photocopy charges are a little high.

Online maps

Some details about downloading maps may be found at Online mapping. If you go this route you might appreciate access to a large format color laser printer, but 8.5x11" maps work pretty well for most trips.