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Types of Membership

As described in our constitution we have three main types of members: student, associate, and alumni.


The VOC is a student run club constituted under the Alma Mater Society (AMS) of the University of British Columbia. If you are a student at UBC and you are a member of the AMS, (you are paying AMS fees) then you are entitled to join the Varsity Outdoor Club as a student member. This will cost you $35. This will get you a full membership with all membership privileges.


If you are not eligible for student membership, you can still join VOC as an associate member. This includes but is not limited to spouses of members, children of members, faculty, staff, students at other institutions, visiting scholars, and even people who may have come to UBC to learn English, but who are not fee-paying AMS members. Membership in this category will cost you $52.50, and will get you all membership privileges except that you will not be eligible to vote at general meetings, or to be elected to run the club.


This category of membership is for individuals who have been in the VOC for four or more years, or have otherwise moved on and are no longer eligible for student membership. We like to keep these people on because they have accumulated useful knowledge about the club, such as where our huts are, and they often provide leadership on our trips. Alumni membership is free, but no membership privileges other than access to our web site are provided. Alumni members are welcome on club trips and often lead club trips, though they are expected to know enough that they don't take all the spots on introductory trips. Note that people eligible for alumni membership may join either as associate members or student members, as eligible, in order to gain additional membership privileges.

Any of the following qualifies you for Alumni Membership

1) You were a fee-paying VOC Student Member at some time while you were at UBC, and you are no longer a student at UBC.

2) You have paid VOC Membership fees for four or more years, whether or not you are a student at UBC.

3) At the discretion of the Membership Chairperson, if you are temporarily away from UBC, usually in a foreign country, and not in a position to benefit from the privileges of being a fee-paying Member, but you still like to get email.

Membership Expires, Duration of Membership

Membership always expires at the end of September. If you join after September 30th and before the last day of classes, usually around May 1st, your membership expires next September 30th (Less than a year later). If you joined after the last day of classes before September, your membership expires in the September 30th of the next year.

We don't do half term memberships. We sell only one membership expiry date. We do not sell special short memberships, for instance expiring in January.

How to Join

You can join at any time throughout the year but see above for membership expiry date. The usual way to join is by showing up at the Clubroom (map), or at our booth during Clubs Days or other events. Just fill out the form, sign the liability waiver, and pay cash. If you cannot show up during Gear Hours, you might try to join during an evening slide show, or other evening events which happen from time to time. If you really cannot ever make it onto Campus, you can download a Membership Form‎ , or get a friend to pick up a form for you, fill it in, and get your friend to return the form and membership fees to us. Mail would also work, but we expect membership fees in cash, and sending cash through the mail is risky.

Do you have to join, to go on VOC Trips?

There are three principles to decide if non-members can go on VOC trips

First, trips are what we provide for our members. For trips with scarce resources, we limit the trip to members only, because otherwise we would be depriving our members. Scarce resources may include places in a hut, car rides, or other situations where we have limited the trip size, perhaps because the trip organizer feels that it would be dangerous to have the trip bigger. Many of our trips are in this scarce resources category. If you are not a member, you should wait to see if the trip becomes full, typically at a pre-trip meeting, then ask the trip organizer if it's ok for you to come along.

Second, members sign a liability release. The AMS requires that non-members going on VOC trips also sign a liability release.

Third, non-members are limited to one VOC trip. At that point they should decide whether they want to contribute to the operation of the club by joining.

What's this about ACC Membership?

ACC stands for Alpine Club of Canada. The rumor that it stands for "Alpine Choppers Club" is totally untrue, but perhaps is based on the tendency of ACC trips to be a little more expensive than VOC trips. This is totally understandable when you realize that most ACC Members are over-employed, having more money than time, whereas VOC Members are mostly under-employed and have more time than money.

Anyways, the ACC offers to VOC Student Members each year, for free, something called an "ACC Student Membership". Their purpose in doing this is, they hope that when VOC Members graduate and "move on", they will think favorably of the ACC, and perhaps join the ACC.

This Student Membership does not have a great deal of privileges associated with it. It does enable you to book ACC Huts three months in advance, instead of the one month in advance that you can do as a normal person. It does not get you cheaper rates at the Huts. It will give you a 15% discount if you want to stay at the ACC Clubhouse in Canmore, or buy something there. You may get a cheaper rate at the Louise Hostel; you can always ask. Perhaps the greatest advantage of ACC membership is that you can sign up for ACC trips, at least you can sign up for Vancouver Section trips. Here's a link to the Agreement.


So, you call up the ACC and you say that you are a Student Member by virtue of being a student member of VOC. They reply "You're not on our list" How can this be? First, only Student Members of VOC qualify; if you are a VOC Associate Member or a VOC Alumni Member, you are supposed to buy ACC Membership like everybody else. Second, we send in our list of eligible VOC Student Members from time to time. Last year we sent it in, October 20. If you joined after this time, ACC doesn't know about you. We are planning to send in updated lists more frequently, but the details are not yet worked out.

The ACC prints membership cards, which we have in our Clubroom available for our Student members to pick up. To contact ACC, go to