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These guidelines are designed to help keep the message board more organized. They make it easier to find the information you are looking for on the board, and make things a lot less confusing. Please try to abide by the guidelines as much as possible. Nobody is trying to be mean, so don't take personal offense, it's just nicer to have things in order.

Post a single thread for each topic

For instance, if there is a message board thread to organize a trip, post the trip report and photo links to the same thread. One thread per topic only please; it really helps keep the board less cluttered and you don't have to navigate through a ton of threads to find out who is driving to Longhike (for instance). When, half way through the planning stage, your destination changes, it is permissible to start a new thread with the new destination in the title, and a note (or even better a link) on the old thread pointing to the new thread.

Also, all trip related threads, including trip organization and trip reports should go on the trips message board. All other posts should go on the main message board. Please do not cross post between the two boards.

Put the date and destination of a proposed trip in the message title

  • Sphinx Hut Ski Trip Jan 12-13 = Good
  • Sphinx Hut this weekend = bad. Once the weekend of the trip passes, the title become confusing
  • Anyone want to go skiing Jan 12-13. Ok because you haven't decided on a destination yet. Repost a new thread once the destination is settled, or leave it as is if the thread is short enough to read through.
  • Anyone want to do something tomorrow = Very bad - does not specify the date or destination or the proposed activity

Think about who is supposed to get this message, and to which message you are responding

Sometimes in very active threads, people can't tell which message you are referring to. There is a "threaded" view option that should help with this, but most people don't use it, so it is better to be clear.

  • Meeting is at 7pm Tuesday in the Clubroom = Good
  • OK 7 pm = bad. What's happening at 7?
  • I want a ride. Not so likely to get you a ride because it isn't addressed to anybody in particular, but sometimes that's the best you can do. At least you asked.
  • Jordan, give me a ride in your car, please = Better, but why not phone Jordan and ask him directly, or email him?
  • Hey Joe from Longhike... = Better to send an email to all the Joes in the Member List to track him down.

Here is a real example of what not to do (names changed to protect the innocent):

Gordon Campbell Please Read
Author: Stephan Harper (
Date:   12-12-06 09:58

Hi Gordo,

I forgot my draft rape and pillage policy in your car!! Its a black suitcase that was in the 
front seat between you and Foxy - my Snoop Dog CD is also in your player. If we could me up 
before I go back to Ontario on the 21st that would be great - I will come east. Let me know



  • Try to keep personal jokes to a minimum, as they create an exclusive/clique-y feel that discourages new members from becoming involved. If you want to make fun of a friend, let us all share in the joke.
  • Insulting and judgemental comments are totally inappropriate. Your beliefs are not necessarily shared by everyone else, so keep arguments and discussions polite. Remember when posting that the feeling that you want to convey in your post may not come across to the people reading it.
  • Try to avoid meaningless chit-chat on the board, especially on trip organization threads. The reason for this guideline is so that people who are trying to organize a trip don't have to keep reading the thread with new messages to see if there has been an important change. Of course everyone posts some funny comments sometimes, and this is generally acceptable, but don't go overboard. Before you post, think about whether it is worthwhile, or whether the banter has been going on too long already.
  • d0 n07 u$3 1337 $p34k 0n 7h3 m3$$4g3 804rd. !7'$ ju$7 n07 c001 4nd p30p13 c4n'7 und3r$74nd wh47 y0u'r3 741k!ng 480u7. Translation: Do not use leet speak on the message board. It's just not cool and people can't understand what you're talking about. The same goes for internet slang and other weird abbreviations.

Embed hyperlinks in messages

Best Method

The preferred way of linking is like this :

[url=]Climbing Website[/url]

which will show up as :

Climbing Website

Alternate Method for Short URLs

For short URLs only you can do the following:

Enter the text like this (don't forget the "http://"):


And it turns into this:

Please do not use this method for long URLs as it will mess up the formating for the entire thread.

Other tips

To use bold or italics on the message board enclose your text in [b] [/b] or [i] [/i] tags respectively. So for bold, you would type:

[b]This is bold![/b]

And it becomes:

This is bold!