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The Labour Day Mountaineering Camp is the newest of the annual VOC trips. The idea behind the camp is to have a fun camp style mountaineering and alpine climbing trip on the long weekend before the school year gets going. The camp is very informal, and is intended only for people who already have some mountaineering experience, but want to improve their skills and have a good time in the mountains.

The first camp was held in 2001 in the Joffre Group. Bad weather predominated, but one good day made the camp a success. The camp returned in 2002 at Wedgemount Lake, with teams climbing various routes on Wedge, Weart and Cook. The 2003 camp was unfortunately cancelled because of a backcountry travel ban due to extreme forest fire hazard. Yet a few remaining people who could enter the US went to Mount Baker for an unofficial Mountaineering Camp.

Upcoming Events

Past Events


Mountaineering Camp 2011 was held at Joffre.


Mountaineering Camp 2009 was held at Wedgemount Lake.


Mountaineering Camp 2008 was held around the Harrison Hut


  • Spring

The 2007 Spring Camp was held at Joffre.

  • Fall

The 2007 Fall Camp was held at Wedgemount.


The 2006 Camp was held at Sigurd Creek.


The 2005 Camp was canceled due to high forest fire hazard in BC, but we did manage to do a small camp on Mt Baker.


The 2004 Camp was held at Railroad Pass.