Phelix Creek FSR

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Main Line

Phelix Creek Main runs from Blackwater Road until it ends at the trailhead for the Phelix Creek Trail. It is generally 4wdhc, although a land-slip occurs every spring at around 0.6km, and a ford at 5.1km may stop many in high water conditions.

Current conditions

As of Oct 24, 2010, the road is in excellent shape. Largely due to work by the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile club the landslide itself is probably possible with a low-clearance vehicle, and the encroaching alder has been cut back from the sides of the road as far as the Phelix East branch. Waterbars which get progressively worse with elevation will keep the road high clearance, however.

July 2011 we were able to drive past the slide, and all the way to the one-log bridge, using an assortment of Jeeps and Pathfinders.


Km UTM Elevation Type Direction to travel Description
0.0 524791, 5601770 700m Blackwater Rd Right Turn right off Blackwater Road.
0.2 524726, 5601986 710m Parking area Straight Summer parking for 2WD Vehicles.
0.6 524923, 5602246 750m First landslide Straight Passable by 4WD HC in summer; maybe necessary to roll rocks off the road
0.8 525071, 5602334 750m Second landslide Straight -
1.8 525250, 5603350 950m Switchback Straight Road switchbacks left then right, passing a huge boulder partially on the road
3.1 525069, 5604244 1070m First Bridge Straight Road turns right over the bridge, then left up the West side of Phelix Creek
4.2 524905, 5605088 1140m Spur Left Phelix Creek East branch continues straight; turn left towards second bridge
4.4 524821, 5605155 1150m Second Bridge Straight Main branch crosses back over to the East side of Phelix Creek
4.7 524700, 5605282 1170m Spur Straight Phelix Creek West branch forks to the left; continue straight on main branch.
5.1 524570, 5605678 1210m Stream Straight Huge ditch as a tributary crosses the road. Maybe impassable if water level is high. A fallen tree to the right creates a bridge to cross in winter.
5.9 524605, 5606348 1230m End of Road Straight Parking for 4WD HC; continue straight across two clearcuts.
6.6 524481, 5606998 1280m Trailhead Follow flagging A large tree 700m North of the end of the road marks the start of the flagged trail to the Hut

East Branch

Branches off at 4.2km

Current Conditions

As of Oct. 24, 2010, this branch has been largely cleared of encroaching alder, due to recent work by the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile club.

West Branch

Branches off at 4.7km

Current Conditions

As of Oct 24, 2010, this branch is seriously overgrown.