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# Carla Burton
# Carla Burton
# Jack Montpellier
# Jack Montpellier
# Matt Zieleman (about 50% at this point, have car willing to drive, not 4x4 or HC though)

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Wiki page is a bit sparse, but this will improve as the date gets closer...

Phelix Reno Round 2

We got a lot of work done on Reno-1 and the participants agreed that it was mostly fun. We have a lot of unfinished things to do up there; most don't require any special skills, just enough time to do the job well.

The general plan will be to do work on Saturday and Monday, and take some time off on Sunday to go climb some peaks. Even reno crews need to have fun.


If you see a project that you like, please adopt it as yours. You will then be in charge of figuring out what is needed for your project, both in the way of personnel and materials and tools. Most stuff is already up there, personnel will appear, and you can get help when it comes to organizing as well.

Please look Here and see if there are any projects you want to claim as your own. Write it in beside your name on the participants list and email Veenstra and Roland about it. It would be great if people decided they wanted to own projects in advance, but receiving them in the parking lot is OK too.


Indicate yourself here, and put projects you're keen to organize in brackets beside your name.

  1. Veenstra (bridge building at outlet of lake, everything else that doesn't get claimed)
  2. Line
  3. Roland Burton
  4. Carla Burton
  5. Jack Montpellier
  6. Matt Zieleman (about 50% at this point, have car willing to drive, not 4x4 or HC though)