Phelix Reno-2

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Phelix Reno-2 Projects

We got a lot of work done on Reno-1 and the participants agreed that it was mostly fun. We have a lot of unfinished things to do up there; most don't require any special skills, just enough time to do the job well. It would be good to have somebody coordinating the tasks so we have enough crew for each task, enough tools and supplies, and so on.

If you see a project that you like, please adopt it as yours. You will then be in charge of figuring out what is needed for your project, both in the way of personnel and materials and tools. Most stuff is already up there.

Double Glazed Windows

Study the plastic windows we have installed and see if they need more little plastic clips to hold them in place. Decide whether we need to apply caulking around the plastic. Clips, screws, caulking are up there. A screwdriver with a tiny bit, would be good to have as a spare. Fill any holes in the window frame.


These are to keep the heat in the Hut during the long winter nights. The curtains are up there, they just need to be installed.


Here's a really nasty job. The batteries are over ten years old and were for a project that is no longer happening. Drain the acid out of the batteries into plastic pop bottles or such, bag the batteries in plastic garbage bags, and haul them and the pop bottles out to the car. There are two batteries, and they weigh 53 lbs each. Mother Nature will be grateful. Need to haul in some garbage bags, and some pop bottles. May want to use Roland's old frame pack for this instead of getting battery acid all over your new Arcteryx.

Moving the Privy

This is a task where a large crew can be used, and you mostly stand around telling potty jokes. First, try and find a good site for the new outhouse hole. This has to be somewhere not too far away from the Hut, and not in the swamp that surrounds the Hut, somewhere that digging is good. If we can find a good spot (unfortunately you need to dig to find how good the digging is), near the present spot, it should be possible to haul the outhouse over there intact. If the spot is too far away, it will be necessary to take the outhouse apart and put it back together in the new location. Finally you cover the old hole.

Finish Painting

Finish off the Roof Repair

Trail and bridge around the lake

finish finishing the kitchen cupboards

Stain and varnish are up there.