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Wiki page is a bit sparse, but this will improve as the date gets closer...

Phelix Reno Round 2

Message Board

We got a lot of work done on Reno-1 and the participants agreed that it was mostly fun. We have a lot of unfinished things to do up there; most don't require any special skills, just enough time to do the job well.

The general plan will be to do work on Saturday and Monday, and take some time off on Sunday to go climb some peaks. Even reno crews need to have fun.

This trip will be a great opportunity for new people in the club to have a good time in a beautiful setting. Not only will you get a chance to get into the mountains and scramble some peaks, you'll feel good having contributed to the maintenance of your hut. It is your hut, afterall, as a member of the VOC.

The trail in is fairly easy (VOC volunteers like you did a good job building it), so you don't have to be very tough to survive. There will also be a range of work which needs to get done, all of which is important, so you don't need to be a superhero to help out either. But if you happen to be fairly tough, somebody has to carry 5 gallons of paint and a chainsaw up to the hut - so we can use you too.

As for the peaks around the hut... if you're fast you can climb the 3 tallest Tolkien peaks in the same day and still have time for dinner. Gandalf, Aragorn and Shadowfax are all beautiful granite peaks, first climbed and named in the 70s by VOCers. Gandalf and Aragorn are both straightforward scrambles to get near the top of, with a difficult boulder problem to get onto their summit boulders (although Aragorn can be defeated with an easy shoulder-stand move, Gandalf is more tricky). Shadowfax has more complicated terrain, but can be hiked if you choose the right line, much line Peregrine to the south (Peregrine doesn't link up with the others as naturally, but I imagine you could climb all 4 if you were very fast and a bit late for dinner). I've already been to the top of all these, so I don't mind going a bit slower and making sure new people get up something. Check out some pictures from a similar trip two years ago here.


Pre-Trip Meeting

Thursday, July 30th @ 7 pm

There will be a pre-trip meeting on Thursday, July 30th, at 7pm in the clubroom. Let me know if you can't make it to the meeting but still want to come.


August 1st - 3rd, 2009

The trip will take place over the BC Day long weekend, that's Sat-Sun-Mon August 1-2-3. Again, there will likely be the opportunity for some people to stay up a bit longer if you can get the time off. We'll be crossing the Lions gate bridge at 6:30am with all passengers picked up. Rendezvous at the logging road for shuttling - please walk as far as the landslide since even 4x4 might not want to drive it more often than necessary.

See you up there!


If you see a project that you like, please adopt it as yours. You will then be in charge of figuring out what is needed for your project, both in the way of personnel and materials and tools. Most stuff is already up there, personnel will appear, and you can get help when it comes to organizing as well.

Please look Here and see if there are any projects you want to claim as your own. Write it in beside your name on the participants list and email Veenstra and Roland about it. It would be great if people decided they wanted to own projects in advance, but receiving them in the parking lot is OK too.

What to bring

All tools provided by Roland, the Veenstras and the Nelsons. Leave some space in your pack for them. Check the generalized gear list, and bring a tent if you were one of the tent-bringers decided at the meeting. Bring bear spray if you own it. Remember that we're going up for 2 nights, so bring 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners. You may also want to consider bringing rock shoes, a helmet, and an ice axe (probably in that order) but don't really need any of them to have a good time on Sunday.

How to get there

Read the wiki.

Participants (-Car)

Indicate yourself here, and put projects you're keen to organize in brackets beside your name. There will be no limit on number of participants... I'm confident I can find work for up to 40, if we get them. And if we get more than 40 we'll just work less hard. We will likely bring tents, to allow for more painting with less fumigation. If you don't mind paint fumes you can also sleep in the hut.

  1. Veenstra (bridge building at outlet of lake, everything else that doesn't get claimed)
  2. Line
  3. Roland Burton -A
  4. Kevin Burton (painting) -A
  5. Jack Montpellier
  6. Matt Zieleman (Have car willing to drive, not 4x4 or HC though) -Z I can bring hand plain to trim window frames. Anything but painting really.
  7. Noriko Okamoto -A
  8. Rueben (don't want to attend pre-trip meeting if it can be avoided) -A
  9. Logan Buchy
  10. Sandra Nicol (mostly managing parental units, some reno, brownie committee)
  11. Scott Nelson
  12. Tom Nicol (Sandra's Dad)
  13. Julie Mussenden (Sandra's Mom)
  14. Chantelle Chan (I like painting. & Have carpentry experience)- H
  15. Urszula Paleczek (can't make meeting, needs ride)
  16. Evan M (possibly painting, will review projects and update here) -H
  17. Greta R (TBD) - H
  18. Colin V (Bridge building, hauling heavy shit, whatever)- H
  19. Bob L (TBD) - H
  20. Sam Mason (bridge building sounds cool) - S
  21. Sophia Toft Moulton (sign making and/or outhouse moving?) - A
  22. Stephanie Schmitt - S
  23. Eric Buckley
  24. Bruno Godin [can leave whenever, @ granville/broadway]

There is no limit on participants

Cars, Rides

  • Trooper (A) Leaving from near UBC after 5pm to drive up Friday evening and camp, maybe at Birkenhead Lake Campsite. Then we can get up early Saturday morning and get my carload on the trail before it becomes stinking hot.
  1. Roland
  2. Kevin
  3. Rueben
  4. Noriko
  5. Sophia
  • High-clearance 4Runner (H) Likely Colin driving, leaving from west side of Van
  1. Colin
  2. Evan
  3. Greta
  4. Bob
  5. Chantelle
  • Low-clearance Corolla (S) Leaving from Richmond Saturday morning.
  1. Sam Mason
  2. Stephanie
  3. Bruno
  4. Eric
  • Matt Zieleman (Z) Leaving from Langley, will take 2-3 passengers. E-mail me at my last name, or we can work out at pre-trip meeting.
  1. Matt Zieleman
  2. Urszula Paleczek

  • Veenstramobile
  1. Christian
  2. Line
  3. Ali Sharif
  4. Sadek (??)