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Any VOC member can upload their photos. The VOC gallery has several advantages over other photo sharing sites. For instance, there is no cost, and there is a generous quota which can be extended by asking nicely.

  1. Check it out by clicking the link on the left or here
  2. To upload photos, you must create a gallery account. This is, unfortunately, seperate from your main VOC account. To create an account, visit then login to your account, go to your album, go to add items, and you will find options on how to do it from different platforms.
  3. There are numerous means of uploading photos. When you hit "Add Item" you will have a number of tabs with many different options. If you have many photos to upload, you can download the "Gallery Remote" software (last tab on the right).
  4. You can upload photos in full resolution. Web hosting is cheap, we can afford it! This will allow others to download full resolution photos for printing, viewing on futuristic high resolution monitors, etc. Uploading at full resolution may take some time, but with the "Gallery Remote" software you can prepackage all your photos and leave the software to upload while you go have your coffee or even sleep. The website will automatically generate smaller versions of the picture for online viewing.
  5. Everyone should upload photos to their "Personal Album" and create sub-folders in your Personal Album before uploading photos. One folder per trip probably works goodly.
  6. This should be obvious, but I suggest that the content rules should be:
    1. Upload pictures taken by you only (or with permission from photographer).
    2. Photos of any self-propelled wilderness activity involving at least one VOCer are ok. They don't need to be official VOC trip.
    3. Official VOC functions that are not outdoorsy (eg. Banquet, Annual General Meeting, Long Hike Party) are good too.
  7. If you don't plan on uploading pictures right away, please refrain from clicking on "Your Album". The first time you click on this, it will create an empty album. Empty albums aren't much fun to look at. You can still create an account, but just don't click on Your Album.
  8. Consider who might want to look at your photos when uploading. If you upload hundreds of nearly identical photos people might be bored and not want to scroll through them all. Perhaps a smaller selection of good shots is more appropriate.