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The VOC is a growing community and we would like to serve our members as best as possible. If you have a project idea to improve the VOC and the initiative to make it happen, then the exec would like to help!

The Special Projects Grant can be applied for throughout the year with the objective of improving the long term interests of the VOC for it's members. Some possible grants include; purchase of eqiupment for the gear library, books, outdoor resources; workhike applications for the huts/trails; or the development of something we haven't even thought of yet, we want to hear your ideas.

The constitutional purpose of the VOC is: "Promote an interest in self-propelled outdoor activities at UBC.", proposed projects should conform to this purpose.

Fill out the following sheets (Proposal and Proposed Budget) and submit it to the vice-president. You'll be invited to an exec meeting where everyone can discuss the proposal and hash out any details.

Special Projects Grant

Insert finished Application Form here


  • All reasonable projects will be considered.


  • All projects will be considered, however projects which promote the long term interests of the club are preferred.


  • Open to associate and student VOC members.
  • One project overseer should be designated per project