Sphinx Bay

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Using This Ski Guide

Topo of Area

Route at a Glance

Rating Map Refs Road Route Start Elevation High Point Technical Notes
Intermediate 92 G/14, 92 G/15 2km/0.5hrs 13.5km/5hrs 450m 1450m Cabin (Burton Hut), Overnight


The Rubble Creek turnoff for the Garibaldi Lake Trail is located about midway between Squamish and Whistler (Google Map), about 250km return. There is a prominent sign, Garibaldi - Black Tusk trailhead, indicating the turnoff. The road leads about 2km to the parking lot at approximately 600m elevation. Only the first 400m of this road is normally plowed in winter, up to a private driveway. Do not block access to this private driveway when parking along the road.


Take the Black Tusk trail and follow to Barrier Lake. At this point leave the trail and cross to the right (south) to Lesser Garibaldi Lake and follow this into a creek and eastward to Lesser Garibaldi Lake. Switch to the left (north) side of the summer trail again (do not follow the creek draining Garibaldi Lake). Follow the trail to the edge of Garibaldi from the left (north) shore. The compass bearing across the lake is 112 degrees. The cabin is located just behind the terminal moraine at Sphinx Bay (Burton Hut).


  1. Thin ice on lake, especially near creek drainages. The lake is usually safe to cross between January and April (inclusive)
  2. Avalanche hazard on all slopes around cabin
  3. Crevasses on Sphinx Glacier
  4. Take a compass in case the weather on the lake whites out.

Trail Conditions