Sphinx Reading Week 2017

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The Burton Hut at the South end of Garibaldi Lake sits below some lovely ski touring country. The VOC used to have massive ski camps at Sphinx Bay in the spring, after exams. These days, we never seem to know if the lake is still frozen in May, so I suggest we check it out during February reading week. Weather can be fickle in February however, so being flexible with dates and aiming for a good weather window would be assets... Access, although longer is also possible via the Garibaldi Névé Traverse.

The idea is for folks to self-organize into smaller, self-sufficient groups and sort out their own timing, transportation and group gear logistics, using the VOC wiki, much in the way we do New Year's at Waddington Hut. So there is no overriding central organizer. Rather, we will use the wiki to line up groups and dates, and to figure out who's sleeping in the hut and who's bringing at tent.

The huts sleeps 10-15; depending on total group numbers we may elect to use the hut as a communal kitchen and gear cache but sleep in tents.

Most of the terrain above the hut is glaciated and alpine: good avalanche terrain management, companion rescue, glacier travel and crevasse rescue are mandatory pre-requisites for this trip. This is not a beginner-friendly affair. You don't need to be an expert at these things, but basic skills will be assets, along with other relevant wilderness skills (good attitude, navigation, etc)

Depending on demand, we may or may not hold pre-trip meetings, or we might be able to self-organize in smaller groups via email.


February 18-26, 2017

You decide how many days you want to come up, and find partners to match.


The purpose of this list is to line up trip partners and dates. Place: 1. your name; 2. the dates you are available; 3. how many nights you want to stay; 4. how many car spots you have (total, including driver); 5. your experience level. For example: "Elliott Skierszkan, 3 nights, available between February 18-26, 4 car spots, 3 years ski touring, AST2, G1".

  1. Elliott Skierszkan, 3 nights, available between February 18-26, 4 car spots, 3 years ski touring, AST2, G1