Sphinx Reading Week 2017

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This trip is now being organized using the classic VOC trip signup tool. We will have a pre-trip meeting Tuesday Feb. 14th at 6PM outside the club room to split into self-sufficient car+tent+food groups based on availability/skiing ability/objectives.

Beyond the pre-trip meeting, the trip will be self-organized among the groups involved.


February 18-26, 2017

You decide how many days you want to come up, and find partners to match.


The purpose of this list is to line up trip partners and dates. Place: 1. your name; 2. the dates you are available; 3. how many nights you want to stay; 4. how many car spots you have (total, including driver); 5. your experience level. For example: "Elliott Skierszkan, 3 nights, available between February 18-26, 4 car spots, 3 years ski touring, AST2, G1".

  1. Elliott Skierszkan, 3 nights, available between February 18-26, 4 car spots, 3 years ski touring, AST2, G1
  2. Gabe Frame, Very flexible availability, no car spots, 1 short season of experience, will have AST1, have usable but rusty G1 skills
  3. Julian Schmidt, 3-4 nights including weekend if possible, no car, 4 years ski touring, no formal AST, what is G1? (<- European) => Glacier School training
  4. Andrew Cavers, no car, 3-4 years ski exp, 4 nights hopefully, AST1, GS1.
  5. Philippe Le Billon, 3 nights, may have 4 car spots, 15 years AT, AST1, rusty GS1
  6. Alberto Contreras 3 nights, 19-20th?. No car. 1.5 years touring. AST1. Rusty GS1 (haven't practiced)
  7. Ragna Halseth, anytime between Feb 18-26, no car, 3 years experience of teleskiing, no official AST but have done the same thing in Norway.
  8. Kasia Celler, 3 nights?, available February 18-23 (not sure yet), 2 years ski touring, AST1, Sam's Alpine Skills Course
  9. Noriko Okamoto, 3-4 nights (flexible), 4 car spots/can be a happy passenger, tele since 2010, AST1, rusty GS1
  10. Cassandra Elphinstone, flexible availability, no car, 4.5 seasons of tele, AST1 equivalent, G1
  11. Genevieve Savard, prefer 2 nights between Feb 18-21, no car, ~12 days of AT over 2 seasons, AST1, rusty G1