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This page is meant to help streamline the Squamish faff that occurs weekly on the message board. The idea is to allow members be able to easily find partners for sunny days, while also providing an organized way to offer or find rides. If you have any suggestions for how this page is run, feel free to propose them on the message board.

Things to remember:

  • Bring cash to chip in for gas and wear/tear (usually around $10 to Squamish in a full car)
  • Organize a climbing and tent partner
  • Make sure you organize a climbing partner that is aware of your skill level!! Don't assume everyone is willing to teach or help you set up a top rope.
  • Contact your driver to make sure you have your spot.

Looking for Partners

This list is meant to help club members find partners for climbing in Squamish. Under days you are looking for a partner(s), add your name and interests (such as top-roping or multi-pitch trad or eating samosas). Keep in mind that this page is public and contact information can be found in our Member List. When selecting a partner, remember to find out each other's experience level, as being able to post on a wiki does not ensure essential climbing skills.


  1. Name, interested in cragging at Murrin, have rope and anchor gear
  2. Alfred L, want to climb overhanging slab, have rope
  3. Ava G, have a rope and full trad rack. Will lead up to 5.10a and second anything.
  4. Will B, have rope, rack, car, pad, can drive 5 (myself included). Cragging or maybe easy bouldering

Looking for Drivers/Passengers

Unlike the above list, this one is meant to help fill cars going to Squamish and not to help you find a climbing partner. Sign up with your name and travel intentions.

  1. Name, needs ride one way to Squamish in morning, need 2 spaces
  2. Name, driving round trip Van to Squamish, leaving at 9am, back at 6pm, have 3 seats

I'm around and wouldn't mind company

This list is meant to tell club members that you don't need a ride or a climbing partner but that you're around and wouldn't mind meeting up (whether it be for climbing or hanging out at the campground).

The Sign Up

Date Looking for Partners Looking for Drivers/Passengers I'm around and wouldn't mind company Planning to Camp
fill out here fill out here fill out here fill out here fill out here
fill out here fill out here fill out here fill out here fill out here