Sunshine Coast Trail

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Access, Permits and Fees

There are numerous trail access locations around the Sunshine Coast area. Consult a map. Malaspina Coach lines runs buses daily from Broadway and Cambie to Powell River and vice versa for $42 including taxes. There does not appear to be any fees that are required, but edit this if there actually is.

Driving Directions to Sarah Point

If you wish to begin this trail from Sarah Point, there is a road that ends 4km away from this terminus of the trail. Continue from Powell River along Highway 101 until Lund, and turn onto Finn Bay Road on your right. Continue driving to Baggi Rd which will be on your left, and then finally along Sarah Point Road which is also on your left. If you have a 4x4, you may be able to go closer than 4km to Sarah Point by motorized method.


Winter hiking checklist for northern half of SCT: * indicates necessity

  • Waterproof equipment (boots, jackets)
  • *Gaiters
  • *Boots + sandals or any breathable footwear
  • *Breathable rain pants (or just wear your fleece longjohns)
  • *Very waterproof jacket (breathable or non breathable)
  • *Synthetic clothing for all items, especially undergarments
  • Winter clothing, including sleeping bag
  • Stoves
  • Tents (bivy sacks are lighter and quicker to setup/take down)
  • *Tarp (tents have failed me numerous times, whereas tarps haven't)
  • Double bag clothing in garbage bags or dry sacks
  • Dry food only; no cans
  • *Candles and headlamp
  • Multiple pairs of socks
  • Toilet paper
  • *Duct tape
  • Snowshoes; I don't think we'll see snow, but it's up to you.
  • *Salt (dangerous to have low salt in blood)
  • *Baby powder

Remember, nothing is waterproof. Everything you bring will get soaked, so the strategy isn't about keeping things dry so much as making sure things stay warm even when wet.

The foot problem - after a couple of days in wet boots, your foot will exhibit acute decomposition. You can prevent a great deal of grief with large amounts of baby powder. When blisters form, you can either use duct tape, or buy a roll of athletic tape and some second skin gel pads, and securely tape that onto your wounds. This requires copious amounts of tape that probably shouldn't be taken off until after the trip is over, but it'll make hiking far more pleasant for your feet.

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