Telemagique Ridge

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Difficulty Rating Beginner
Location Key P
NTS Mapsheet 92 J/3
Road 4.5km/1.5hr
Route 4.5km/3hrs
Starting Elevation 800m
High Point 1723m
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Telemagique Ridge is the ridge that divides Callaghan Creek from Madeley Creek. Skiing along the ridge is an easy pleasant ski trip that is in many ways similar to the Diamond Head area of Garibaldi Park, but without the developed trails, facilities, or throngs of people. Access to the subalpine meadows is easy, requiring only a short section of skiing through gentle forest with widely spaced trees. The meadows lead up to the ridge crest, which has a unique gully running right along the top of the ridge. While this feature blocks some of the views, it shelters the route from wind and makes navigation easy. At the north end of the ridge, the gully ends above Telemagique Lake. This area has some really nice ski runs on north facing slopes, and a few interesting little summits that can be climbed. More adventurous travelers can continue north over the ridge on the far side of Telemagique Lake and continue the tour around to Callaghan Lake.


Take the new Callaghan Valley Road towards Whistler Olympic Park. Turn left just before a 180 degree hairpin turn. This is the entrance to the Callaghan Country Parking Lot. Nordic trail passes ($25) must be purchased to use the groomed trails. There is also a one way snowcat shuttle service to Callaghan Lake on weekends ($46, includes trail pass, reservations required). Overnight parking is only permitted at Alexander Falls parking lot, about 200m south on Callaghan Valley Road.


Right/left are for uphill travel. The route starts out on groomed XC trails. Snowshoeing is permitted.

  • From the Callaghan Country parking area, follow Mainline trail towards Callaghan Lake for 2.8km to Sparkplug corner. Take the ungroomed branch road uphill on the right.
  • The branch road quickly switchbacks, and then forks a couple hundred meters later. Take the left fork (another switchback), heading north. The right fork (straight ahead) is not shown on some maps.
  • At the ridge crest the road forks again. Take the left fork, which stays just left of the ridge crest. The left fork is not shown on some maps, but is visible in google earth. The right fork goes to Woods Lake.
  • From the end of the road at 1220m, head north into the forest. Keep to the right of a major creek gully. There are lots of small ridges and draws in this section that can make route finding challenging.
  • Cut left to reach open meadows at the top of the major gully. There is a convenient bench around 1340m.
  • Continue to follow the main creek through a steep sided basin at 1430m. Just beyond cut back left on a gentle ramp.
  • Head north along a level (or slightly downhill) bench. At the end of the bench is a big draw.
  • Follow the big draw east up to the ridge crest, and then north along the top. Yes, there is actually a little gully running parallel to the top of the ridge.
  • The draw ends at 1650m just west of the high point.
  • Return back along the ridge, or drop down west to the XC trails at Callaghan Lake, or East to the XC trails near Madeley Lake.


  • There are a variety of good ski runs from the summit down to Telemagique Lake. These run the full range from beginner slopes to serious avalanche terrain. The easiest runs loop around to skier's left and the steep runs take a more direct line.
  • Advanced skiers can head down the creek heading west towards the near corner of Callaghan Lake.


  1. Avalanche terrain - The main route along the ridge is Simple avalanche terrain (similar to the Elfin Lakes winter route in Garibaldi Park), but there are some steeper avalanche slopes around. The route is not marked like Elfin so it's important to be able to identify avalanche terrain. The attractive ski runs north of summit are Challenging avalanche terrain that can slide in a big way.

Full path avalanche above Telemagique Lake


Looking south along the top of Telemagique Ridge towards Black Tusk