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A BC Parks Mountaineering Overnight Permit must be purchased for any overnight stay in Garibaldi Park that is not at one of the established campgrounds (such as Garibaldi Lake). The Mountaineering Permit must be purchased regardless of whether you are a VOC fee-paying member, or not and it is in addition to any other fees. However, as of December 2017, the BC Parks Mountaineering Permit has not been implemented. For the winter of 2017 all backcountry camping that is at least 3km away from any established trail or reserveable campground and any overnight stays at Burton Hut or the Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts will not require a Mountaineering Permit and are therefore free. This applies to any member of the public including VOC members. Any overnight stays at an established campground require a reservation through BC Parks. The penalty for not paying $144 per person.