Tenquille Lake Cabin

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Tenquille Lake Cabin
Tenquille hut.jpg
Tenquille Lake Cabin upon completion, September 2011
Overnight Capacity 15-20
Elevation 1656m (5433ft)
Reservations No
Locked No
Built 2011
Caretaker Pemberton Wildlife Association

First constructed in the 1940s, the cabin was rebuilt by members of the Pemberton Wildlife Association in the summer of 2011. The PWA is responsible for maintenance and administration of the new cabin on behalf of the provincial government.


The cabin is situated at the western edge of the lake, at the foot of Copper Mound.

Hut + Trail Conditions

Three routes lead to Tenquille Lake - two from the Pemberton Meadows side and one from Birkenhead. See route descriptions from ClubTread.


  • Heating: use of the wood-burning stove should be minimized, as firewood supplies in the area are limited. The stove is not to be used for cooking.
  • Cooking: a propane stove is provided.
  • Lighting: Two propane light fixtures are installed.
  • Kitchenware: Some kitchen stuff is available (pots and pans, plates and mugs, cutlery). All kitchenware must stay inside the hut - not to be used outside.


Download waypoints for all three approach trails here: media:TenquilleLake.gpx. Note that recent hikers (Mar 2015) attempted to find the trail starting from the end of Branch 12 off the Hurley FSR following these waypoints and had to turn back approximately 2km from the cabin due to unpassable terrain.


Inside the Cabin
View of Tenquille lake and Copper Mound from Finch Ridge. The cabin is located close to the centre of the picture.
Topo map of the area around Tenquille Lake

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