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Note: This page lists upcoming VOC trips. If you want to do a trip on a particular day and nothing is listed here (or you don't like what's listed), see the Trip Ideas page for lots of good information on planning trips. Also, everyone should be aware of the trip guidelines and driver reimbursement guidelines. If you need a hand getting your own trip started we've got an exec position dedicated to helping you out - the Trips Coordinator this year (2010-2011) is Christian Veenstra. He's organized a lot of trips and would be happy to help you get yours off the ground.

Less formal trips may be organized through the Trip Planning Forum on the VOC message board rather than on the wiki. If you are organizing such a trip, it's a good idea to post a link from this page to the thread in the trip planning forum.



  • November 3th Slide show: "Training for climbing, avoiding injuries" by Sabrina Burkhardt (clubroom, 7pm
  • Tuesday November 9th 7:30 - 9:30 pm Kayak Polo. All are welcome
  • November 10th Slide show: "Climbing in South Africa" by Dan Gainer (clubroom, 7pm)
  • November 11th-14th Smith Rock 2010: Escaping the rain for one last climbing trip in Oregon.

  • November 17th Slide show: "How I met and climbed Mt. Bryce" by Yan Pennec (clubroom, 7pm)
  • November 24th Slide show: "The pipedreams project: 3 kayakers, 900 km, 2 months" by Faroe Des Roches (clubroom, 7pm)


We don't plan several months in advance, because our stuff is mostly outdoors and depends a bit on the weather. Probably by now there will be snow on the ground and somebody will be organizing snowshoe and intro ski trips. Hiking in the mountains won't be too practical with all that snow. People who already know how to ski will be heading out pretty much every weekend, when exams don't interfere. Hopefully somebody will offer to organize a big New Years trip to Phelix, but if it doesn't get organized, it will almost certainly happen anyway. So, stuff will get scheduled; it's just too early to do it yet.




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