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See the following page about [[illegal trips]]
See the following page about [[illegal trips]]
==Trips by Type==
*[[Hiking Trips]]
*[[Skiing Trips]]
*[[Climbgin Trips]]
*[Mountaineering Trips]]
=Trips by Location==

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Ideas for car free trips.

See the following page about illegal trips

Trips by Type

Trips by Location=


See the guidebooks page.


Daytrips from Vancouver:

Weekend trips from Vancouver :

Longer hikes :

Backcountry Skiing

Some good areas for daytrips:

Good weekend trips:

A lot of backcountry skiing in the coast range revolves around going to huts. Some good huts to visit for backcountry skiing are:

There are also a number of popular ski traverses near vancouver :

Trips to and traverses of big icefields are usually reserved for the spring, but sometimes undertaken mid winter. The following have been done by club members in recent years.

Rock Climbing

Climbing within weekend range of Vancouver revolves around Squamish. Beyond that, possible destinations are :

Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing

Sea to Sky Corridor

There's tons of worthwhile objectives in the Sea to Sky Corridor north of Squamish.

Fraser Valley

Washington State


On Campus

If you can get your fix through a brief stint climbing on anthropogenic surfaces...