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Ideas for [[Car Free Trips |car free trips]].
See the following page about [[illegal trips]]
==Trips by Type==
==Trips by Type==
*[[Hiking Trips]]
*[[Hiking Trips]]
*[[Skiing Trips]]
*[[Skiing Trips]]
*[[Rock Climbing Trips]]
*[[Climbgin Trips]]
*[[Mountaineering Trips]]
*[[Mountaineering Trips]]
*[[Car Free Trips]]
*[[Illegal Trips
=Trips by Location==
==Trips by Location==
*[[North Shore]]
*[[Fraser Valley]]
*[[Washington State]]
See the [[guidebooks]] page.
See the [[guidebooks]] page.
Daytrips from Vancouver:
* [[Backside Trail of the Chief]]
* [[Needle Peak]]
* [[Mount Seymour / Mount Elsay]]
* [[West Lion]]
* [[Golden Ears]]
* [[Mount Brunswick]]
* [[Mount Harvey]]
* [[Williams Peak]]
* [[Rainbow Mountain]]
* [[Mount Rohr]]
* [[Colliseum Mountain]]
* [[Crown Mountain]]
Weekend trips from Vancouver :
* [[Howe Sound Crest Trail]]
* [[Garibaldi Lake and Black Tusk]]
* [[Three Borthers Mtn]] ''(Manning Park)''
* [[Russet Lake]]
* [[Salal Creek and Athelney Pass]]
Longer hikes :
* [[West Coast Trail]]
* [[Stein Valley]]
* [[South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park]] ''(Gun Creek and Spruce Lake Area)''
* [[Indian Arm Loop Trail]]
==Backcountry Skiing==
Some good areas for daytrips:
* [[Diamond Head]]
* [[Mount Sproat]] near Whistler
* [[Mount Rohr]] 1 or 2 days
* [[Cayoosh Mountain]] 1 or 2 days
* [[Needle Peak]] 1 or 2 days
* [[Zoa Peak]]
Good weekend trips:
* [[Rainbow Mountain]]
* [[Caspar Creek]]
* [[Steep Creek]]
A lot of backcountry skiing in the coast range revolves around going to [[huts]].  Some good huts to visit for backcountry skiing are:
* [[Brian Waddington Hut]]
* [[Burton Hut]]
* [[Keith's Hut]]
* [[Wendy Thompson Hut]]
* [[Elfin Lakes Shelter]]
There are also a number of popular ski traverses near vancouver :
* [[Garibaldi Neve Traverse]] usually takes 2-4 days.
* [[Spearhead Traverse]] usually takes 2-5 days.
Trips to and traverses of big icefields are usually reserved for the spring, but sometimes undertaken mid winter.  The following have been done by club members in recent years.
* [[Pemberton Icefield]] 1 week
* [[Waddington Icefield]] 2-3 weeks
* [[Lillooet Icefield]] 2 weeks
* [[Monarch Icefield]] 2 weeks
* [[Misty Icefield]]
==Rock Climbing==
Climbing within weekend range of Vancouver revolves around [[Squamish Rock | Squamish]]. Beyond that, possible destinations are :
* [[Skaha]] outside of Penticton
* [[Leavenworth]] in Washington
* [[Frenchman's Coulee]] in Washington
* [[Smith Rock]] in Oregon
* [[Red Rocks]] just outside Las Vegas, Nevada
* [[Joshua Tree]] California.
* [[Canadian Rockies]]
==Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing==
'''Sea to Sky Corridor'''
There's tons of worthwhile objectives in the Sea to Sky Corridor north of Squamish.
* [[Wedgemount Lake Area]]
* [[Joffre Group]]
* [[Sky Pilot]]
* [[Tantalus Range]]
'''Fraser Valley'''
* [[Chilliwack Valley]]
* [[Chehalis]]
* [[Anderson River]]
* [[Coquihalla]]
'''Washington State'''
* [[Mount Baker]]
* [[Mount Shuksan]]
* [[Glacier Peak]]
* [[Mount Rainier]]
* [[Washington Pass]]
* [[North Cascades National Park]]
* [[Cathedral Provincial Park]] ''near Keremeos''
* [[The Bugaboos]]
* [[Salal Creek Wall]] ''in the upper Lillooet Valley''
==On Campus==
If you can get your fix through a brief stint climbing on anthropogenic surfaces...
* [[VOC climbing wall]]
* [[Bouldering at UBC | Bouldering]]
* [[UBC buildering]]

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