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Buildering involves climbing buildings, or other man-made structures not explicitly designed for that purpose. UBC has a long tradition of buildering. There are many established routes around campus. The VOC does not condone climbing on builidngs, since its legality is questionable. However, if you choose to disregard our warning, then at least find the right people to get involved with who may make sure you don't find yourself in a painful situation. Try to hang around the right people and get invited on an outting.

Route information

There is an old buildering guide to UBC (1960's vintage). Ask the Archivist about it if you're really interested. Some of the routes can still be done today while others may no longer exist. There was also an article or two in some VOC Journals (see article by Ard Arvin VOCJ 2001/2002).

Student Resource Center

  • North face


  • East face

Photo Not yet taken - climb up the grates on the east side

  • South face


Osborne Center (Gymnasium)

  • Main entrance


Buchanon Clocktower

  • Base: The door handle and the black box are not in!


Main Library

  • Main entrance, right side


Student Union Building

  • Eastmost entrance to basement (by Sprouts food coop)


  • Outside walls


Geophysics Building

A short fist crack on the east side leads up to a roof above the first floor.

Scarfe (Education Building)

The exterior of the building is covered with many diagonal steel I-beams - choose whichever suits you best. Since the roof is quite tall (4 stories) this is a roped climb. Sling joints where the beams are bolted together for pro.

Steam Plant

Behind the LSK building (computer science) is a building with a tall smokestack. Climb weith of two chimneys (on either side of the smokestack) up to the top of the roof. From there, a fixed ladder leads up to the top of the smokestack. Easy but very high off the ground - don't get burned.

Other routes

  • Buchanan Traverse
  • Koerners
  • cracks on Hebb
  • really scary climb up Hebb Arete
  • bolt ladder on west tower of Tower's Beach (good for aid practice)
  • Frank Forward very offwidth crack (good for Friends)
  • MacMillan 'chimney'

External Links

Buildering.Net has some information about buildering in general and some UBC specific stuff.