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'''Roe-Brew Trail'''
'''Roe-Brew Trail'''
* [[Media:Roe-Brew Trail 2018.jpg]]
* [[Media:Roe-Brew Trail 2018.jpg]]
* [[Media:Roe-Brew Trail Sketch 2013.jpg]]

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George Hill is the 2016-2018 Huts Coordinator for the VOC. To get in touch please leave a message on the discussion page or send an email to [email protected]

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2017-06-03 Brew

Summary Notes

Raw Notes

2016-07-01 Phelix

2016-09-03 Harrison

Summary Notes

  • Completed Hut Measurements including loft, main floor and door.
  • Rip-rap and wire mesh around hut working. Place new floor over old floor. May have to take out edge trimmings
  • Multiple logs across the 2nd part of the trail and low wood stock at the Hut warrants the need for a chainsaw
  • Still need to haul out old Coleman stove. Coleman Lamps working well and should be left at the Hut until an alternative can be put in place (solar).
  • Plywood floor must be flat edged for a perfect fit. 2' x 4' x 4' x 2' wide

Raw Notes

  • need to do Floor Measurements
  • Upstairs Railing (measurements) may have necessary material at the Hut. Need to do inventory.
  • New stove hauled up. Need to haul old stove down. Leave gas for lanterns.
  • Running low on wood for the hut. Could use chainsaws on trail portion from end of logging road to barr creek bridge.
  • Use chainsaws up at hut to cut more wood. -> is this necessary? Could an axe do the work? Do we have an axe at the hut?
  • Nice guitar and case up to the hut with the helicopter? Need case to protect from moisture.
  • Plywood in old outhouse.
  • Have two bow-saws at hut.
  • There will be standard door frames. Non-standard door frames will be expensive. Want 1/2" to 1/4" door frame for steel door.
  • Want door to extend right to wall. Need to put aluminum to fit to door.
  • 2x3 wood
  • aluminim paneling on outside of hut
  • Chicken wire and rip-rap around seems to be working against the marmots.
  • Would be nice to have signage along logging road for directions to hut and to the springs
  • signage for the springs is more important because of the turn off on the logging road.
  • some sections of the trail could use brushing. Mostly the first 6km. 2nd part is in good condition with exception of the fallen logs.
  • would be nice to have poker chips & a nice set of cards @ the hut. Maybe a rumoli matt
  • bridge right next to hut seems unnecessary for all seasons (may not spring? idk, need to see pictures)
  • hay wire and duct tape for all huts
  • for harrison put floor ontop of old floor. 2' x 4' x 4' x 2' to overlap cracks
  • will want to rip in vancouver
  • make sure door is hollow. & talk to someone about fit.

2016-10-01 Lizzie

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