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George Hill was the 2016-2018 Huts Coordinator for the VOC. To get in touch please leave a message on the discussion page or send an email to [email protected]

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Brew Hut 2018 Improvements Roe-Brew Trail

Brew Hut

2017-06-03 Solar Workhike

Brew Hut Rebuild Page: Here

Brian Waddington Hut (Phelix Hut) Heating Investigation Phelix Hut

Phelix Creek Trail

Julian Harrison Hut (Harrison Hut) 2017 Improvements


Roland Burton Hut (Sphinx Hut} 2006 Door and Window Dimensions (Before 2007 Renovations):

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Lizzie Creek Cabin Inventory October 1st 2016

Inventory February 5th 2018

Keith's Hut
Snowspider Hut
Stu Inn

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Trip Rating System

Due to the high popularity and moderate size of Brew Hut, the VOC is taking measures to provide the public, club members, and students fair opportunities to visit the hut. Registrations open one month prior on the 1st and 15th of every month. Registrations posted for closed dates will be deleted. For more information on this policy, view our Huts Management Plan or contact us at [email protected]

Trip Start Date:

  • 2022 October 1-15: Registrations OPEN
  • 2022 October 15-Nov1: Registrations OPEN
  • 2022 November 1-15: Registrations OPEN
  • 2022 November 15-Dec1: Registrations CLOSED. Will open 2022 October 15
  • 2022 December 1-Dec15: Registrations CLOSED. Will open 2022 November 1