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Jul and Lisa are leaving the country and want to share to most awesome activity with the most awesome people! Hope you can all join us and if it's too many people, well we'll just bring tents and heat the hut a bit more :) This is some sort of party event so you are welcome to bring whatever liquor you wish and can carry! But mostly it's about skiing and hanging out with friends!

Please sign up so we have some sort if idea who is coming and can also arrange car groups!


The trip is December 3th - 6th, 2010

Equipment List

See Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip. You need this stuff to survive, really.

Sign Up

Please contact Lisa (lisa.pittl at before signing up!

Nominal capacity is 25. I am sure we can beat that but let's bring tents in case!

Signup for super awesome folks

Please indicate if you want to go up Fr or Sat.

  1. Lisa
  2. Julian
  3. Piotr
  4. Colin F
  5. Ran
  6. Line
  7. Christian
  8. Vicky
  9. Phil
  10. Anne
  11. Kathrin
  12. James
  13. Len
  14. Klara
  15. Stan
  16. Champagne - Sat
  17. Laura
  18. Maya
  19. Gili
  20. Jacob
  21. Amy
  22. Pascale
  23. Ignacio
  24. Josh
  25. Noriko
  26. Nick
  27. Fabienne


Please indicate if you are leaving Fri or Sat


2. Piotr's 4Runner, 4 passengers, leaving saturday morning

  1. Piotr
  2. Pascale
  3. Ignacio
  4. Kathrin
  5. Noriko

3. V2, 5 people, leaving Saturday morning, returning Sunday night

  1. Line
  2. Anne V
  3. Len
  4. Christian

4. Nick's Tele-Transporter, 5 people, leaving Saturday morning coming back Monday

  1. Nick
  2. Ran
  3. Anton

5. Colin's Suzuki, 4 people, leaving Saturday morning, returning Sunday evening

  1. Colin
  2. Josh
  3. Rich
  4. Tim

6. Gili's Taurus, 4 people, leaving Saturday morning, returning Monday evening

  1. Gili
  2. Maya
  3. James
  4. Fabienne