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Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 01 (1957-1958)


The editor of this volume was Beverley Campbell.

Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 1 Karl Ricker
Archivist's Message 2 Beverley Campbell
Elections, Old and New Executives 3 Linda Campbell Brown
Forbidden Plateau Trip 4 Croteau Lake Camp
V.O.C. Fall Trip to Garibaldi Park 6 Julie Bryett Garibaldi Park
Old Members' Party 7 Fran Magwood Bridgie MacKenzie's
Mt. Baker Fall Climbing Trip 8 Albert Nickull Mt. Baker
Cheam Trip 9 Al Smith Mount Cheam
Clubs Day 10 Stew Shearman Clubs Day
V.O.C. Long Hike 10 Fran Magwood Longhike
Football Dance 12 Fran Magwood
The Skirt Dance 12 Betsy Goard
Workhike Impressions 12 Jerry Van Tets
Hallowe'en Party 15 Beverley Campbell
V.O.C. Short Long Hike 15 Parker Williams
Crown Mountain 16 Graham Dawson Crown Mountain
Intramurals & Club Spirit 17 Jack Boulding, Fran Magwood
Farmer's Frolic 17 Fran Magwood
Mt. Baker Trip 18 Betsy Goard Mt. Baker
Christmas Holidays on Seymour 18 George Gowdridge
Christmas in Garibaldi 10
Christmas at Rossland 21 Di Bailey
Christmas at Sun Valley 22
Open House 23 Sharon Francis Mount Seymour
Spring Banquet 23 Di Bailey
V.O..C. Photography Contest 24 George Massey Photography Contest
Diamond Head Trip 25 Sheila Fenton Diamond Head
Garibaldi Invasion 27 Beverley Campbell Garibaldi Provincial Park, Sphinx Camp
Unusual Climbs in Garibaldi 29 Karl Ricker Garibaldi Provincial Park, Sphinx Camp
Major Constitutional Changes 31 Linda Campbell Brown Constitution
The Last Meeting and Goon Awards 32 Awards
Mt. Larrabee Climb 33 Graham Dawson Mt. Larrabee
Church Mountain Climb 33 G. Gowdridge Church Mountain
V.O.C. Downhill.. 34 Ski Race
Grad News - Art Wooton, Karl Ricker 39 Art Wooton, Karl Ricker Grad News
Introduction 39 Karl Ricker
Columbia Ice Fields Ski Trip May 17-19 42 Karl Ricker Columbia Ice Fields
Mt. Lorette, May 25 43 Don Lyon Mt. Lorette
Mt. Edith, June 1 44 Carman Smith Mt. Edith
Mt. Ishbel, June 8th 44 Don Brown Mt. Ishbel
Mt. Edith Climb, June 15 45 Sheila Fenton Mt. Edith
A "Bawl" on Mt. Ball, June 21-22 46 Karl Ricker Mt. Ball
Waterton Giant Slalom, June 29-30 47 Lib Daly Waterton Giant Slalom
Mt. Custer-Skyline Ridge - June 29 48 Don Lyon Mt. Custer
Mt. Niblock, June 30 49 Don Brown Mt. Niblock
Mt. Thompson, July 12-13 50 Karl Ricker Mt. Thompson
Mt. Odaray, July 19-20 51 Bon McFarlane Mt. Odaray
The Athabaska Story, July 26-27 52 John Leesing Athabaska
Mt. Victoria, August 2-3 55 Don Brown Mt. Victoria
Mt. Yamnuska, August 3 58 Don Lyon Mt. Yamnuska
Lake Louise Giant Slalom, Aug. 10 59 Karl Ricker Lake Louise
Mt. Temple, August 10 60 Don Lyon Mt. Temple
Mt. Louis, August 16 61 Bon McFarlane Mt Louis
Mt. Allen Story, August 16-17 62 John Leesing Mt. Allen
First Ascent of an Unnamed Peak, Aug.24 65 Karl Ricker and Carman Smith Unnamed Peak
Mt. Hungabee, August 24 67 Don Brown Mt. Hungabee
Assiniboine "Assault", Labour Day Weekend 69 John Leesing Assiniboine
Climbs in the Alliniboine Region 73 Karl Ricker Allinboine Region
The Mitre, Sept. 7 74 Don Lyon The Mitre