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Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 02 (1958-1959)


The editor of this volume was Sandra Caldwell.

Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 1 Don Brown
Archivist's Message 2 Sandra Caldwell
V.O.C. Executive & Committees for 1959-60 3
Local Year's Activities Index 4
Fall and Winter Section
Garibaldi Trip 5 Jack Boulding Garibaldi
Mt. Shuksan 5 Dennis Holden Mt. Shuksan
Crown Mt. 6 Dennis Hale Crown Mountain
Sky Pilot 7 Jerry Van Tets Sky Pilot
Ledge 7 Karl Ricker Ledge
Long Hike 8 Graham Dawson Long Hike
Short-Long Hike 1958 V.O.C.J. Long Hike
Christmas in Vancouver 9 Robin Clarke Seymour Mountain
Banff Christmas 10 Diane Bailey Banff, Lake Louise
Steven's Pass 11 John Ricker Steven's Pass
Sun Valley 13 Ann Hutton & Di Clarke Sun Valley
Rossland-Trail 13 Barb Shaw Rossland Trail
Baker Ski Trip 14 Bev Campbell Mount Baker
Steven's Pass 15 Pauline Glossop Steven's Pass
Forbidden Plateau 17 Don Brown Forbidden Plateau
Mt. Baker Ski Attempt 17 Anne Prevost Mount Baker
Garibaldi Ski Trip 19 Ginny Willis Garibaldi
More Unusual Climbs 22 Karl Ricker Table Mountain, Parapet, Isoceles
Events, Social and Otherwise
Social Calendar 25 Bev Campbell,Graham Dawson
Work Hikes 26 Bruce Ward
Annual Events 27 Don Brown, Art Wootton, Don Lyon, Sandra Ellen
Banquet 31 Sandra Caldwell
Goon Awards 32 Don Lyon Awards
Canadian Mt. Logan Expedition 33 Karl Ricker Mount Logan
Index to Summer Climbs 83
Introduction 85 Karl Ricker
A. Southern Selkirks 85 Souther Selkirks
Unnamed 85 Kim Deane Unnamed, Beatrice Lake
Mt. Loki 86 Parker Williams Mt. Loki
Kokanee Trip 87 Parker Williams Kokanee Glacier
Valhalla 88 Jack Boulding The Valhallas
B. Carboo Section
Raft Peak 89 Dennis Holden Raft Peak
Premier Trip 90 Dave Kennedy Mt. Chamberlin
C. Rockies Section
Mt. Edith 98 Ann Prevost Mt. Edith
A Week of Climbing 98 L. Campbell-Brown Rockies
Yamnuska 100 Gill Broatch Yamnuska
South Tower of Eisenhower 101 Karl Ricker Eisenhower
Mt Whymper 102 Di Bailey Mt Whymper
Mt. Victoria 103 Byron Olson Mt. Victoria
Mt. Rhondda and Mt. Baker 104 Don Lyon Mt. Rhondda, Mt. Baker
Bugaboos 105 Karl Ricker Bugaboos
Mt. Edith Cavell 107 Reid Fowler Mt. Edith Cavell
Cathedral Mountain 108 Sue Tatum Cathedral Mountain
Mt. Des Poilus 109 Di Bailey Mt. Des Poilus, Yoho Park
Mt. Edith Cavell 110 Don Lyon Cathedral Mountain
Wenkchemna - Ophabin Passes 111 Di Bailey Wenkchemna - Ophabin Passes
Mt. Lefroy 112 Don Lyon
Mt. Bourgeau 113 Sue Tatum Mt. Bourgeau
Mt. Hector 115 Sue Tatum Mt. Hector
Assiniboine 113 Karl Ricker Assiniboine
Mt. Wardie 115 Byron Olson Mt. Wardie
Mt. Bident 116 John Fairley Mt. Bident
A Tabulation of Ascents 117 Karl Ricker
D. Vancouver Section
Late, Late Garibaldi Trip 119 Dave Kennedy Garibaldi
Baker Ski Ascent 119 Carol McGregor Baker
Sky Pilot Trip 120 Dave Kennedy Sky Pilot
Sproat Lake 121 Pauline Glossop Sproat Lake
Mt. Tetrahedron Trip 121 Steve Lower Mt. Tetrahedron
Lions Trip 122 Sandra Caldwell Lions
Garibaldi 124 John Pringle Garibaldi
Red Mountain 126 L. Campbell-Brown American Border Peak, Red Mountain
Summer Rock Schools 127 Bob Kersey
Old Members' Party 128 Sandra Caldwell
Tennis & Square Dancing 128
A Letter of Interest 129 Dr. Neal M. Carter
Grad News 132 Bugs Thompson, Karl Ricker, Di Bailey et al