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Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 03 (1959-1960)


The editor of this volume was Susan Tatum.

Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 1
Editor's Message 2
V.O.C. Executive List 3
Social and Annual Events Section 5
Splash and Dance 5 Darlene Fanlayson
Club's Day 5 D.A. Gillard Clubs' Day
Long Hike 5 Sue Tatum Long Hike
Short Long Hike 5 Robin Clarke Short Long Hike
Football Dance 6 Keith Allan
Halloween Party 6 Anne Smith
Baker Ski Invasion 6 Dan Goard
1960 Goon Awards 7
Steven's Pass Ski Trip 7 Gillian Broatch Steven's Pass
Dam(n) Downhill 8 Kim Deane
Reunion Banquet 8 Anne Morton
Work Hikes 1959 9 D. Holden Work Hikes
Entertainment 9 Byron Olson
1960 Steeplechase 10
Grad News 10
Local Section (Coast Range and Cascades) 21
Garibaldi 11 Janice Stewart
Crown Mountain 12 John Dick Crown Mountain
Mount Becher 13 Sue Robinson Mount Becher
Silver Star 14 Ted Osborn Silver Star
Back at Sun Valley 14 Dianne Ward Sun Valley
Banff Ski Trip 15 John Ricker Banff
Manning Park 17 John Pringle Manning Park
Attempted Ski Ascent of Mount Baker 18 Jane Muskett Mount Baker
Sky Pilot 19 Parker Williams Sky Pilot
Forbidden Plateau Kandahar 19 Pauline Glossop Forbidden Plateau
Climbs by the Vancouver Section 21
North Garibaldi Park Trip 22 Don Lyon Garibaldi, Wedge
A Trip to the Sates 23 Ted Stevens
Garibaldi Ski Trip 24 Cathy Finley Garibaldi
Ski Attempt on Mount Mamquam 26 Ann Prevost Mt. Mamquam
Mt. Wedge 27 John Pringle Mt. Wedge
Garibaldi "One-Day" Expedition 27 Ted Stevens Garibaldi, Black Tusk
Glacier Peak 28 Barb Whitaker Glacier Peak
Mt. Dickens 30 Byron Olson Mt. Dickens
Golden Ears and Edge 30 Don Lyon Golden Ears
Mt. Arrowsmith 31 Ted Stevens Mt. Arrowsmith
Mt. Hanover and Mt. Brunswick 33 Andy Zoltay Mt. Hanover, Mt. Brunswick
The Mt. Ranier Saga 34 Dave Kennedy Mt. Ranier
Mt. Habrich 35 Byron Olson Mt. Habrich
Lake Lovely Water 36 Tom Widdowson Lake Lovely Water
Sahale Peak 37 Betty Dishaw Sahale peak
Ben Lomond and Red Mountain 38 Ann Prevost Ben Lomond, Red Mountain
Wedge Mountain 38 Ellen Adams Wedge Mountain
Mt. Frosty 39 Jean Sharp Mt. Frosty
The Premier Trip 42 John Fairley
Climbs by the Kootenay Section 21
Summer Activities of the Kootenay Section of the VOC 47 Parker Williams and Kim Deane
The Pharoah Peaks 51 Ian Stirling Pharoah Peaks
Climbs by the Rocky Mountain Section
Hikes in the Rockies 53 Anne Morton
Mount Fabel 55 Don Lyon Mt. Fabel
Mt. Forbes 55 Ken S. Baker Mt. Forbes
The Watchtower 58 Don Brown Watchtower
A night on the Tower 60 Don Brown Mt. Eisonhower
Andromeda 61 John Fairly Andromeda
Mt. Tonsa 62 Don Lyon Mt. Tonsa
Poster Peak 63 Don Brown Pster Peak
Mt. Assiniboine 64 John Pringle Mt. Assiniboine
Mt. Outram 65 Don Brown Mt. Outram
Mt. Victoria 65 Don Lyon Mt. Victoria
Mt. Victoria 66 Reid Fowler Mt. Victoria
Mt. Yamnuska (Directissima) 67 Ken S.Baker
Pinnacle Mountain 68 Don Brown Pinnacle Mountain
Climbs in the Southern Canadian Rockies 69 Dennis Holden
Crowsnest 69 Dennis Holden Crowsnest
Roulthart 69 Dennis Holden Roulthart
Syncline 70 Dennis Holden Syncline
Forum Peak 70 Dennis Holden Forum Peak
Mt. Grandell 70 Dennis Holden Mt. Grandell
Castle Mountain 70 Dennis Holden Castle Mountain
Mt. Darbrah 70 Dennis Holden Mt. Darbrah
Mt. Alexander 71 Dennis Holden Mt. Alexander
Crypt Lake 71 Dennis Holden Crypt Lake
Red Rock Canyon 71 Dennis Holden Red Rock Canyon
Linehame Lake 71 Dennis Holden Linehame Lake
CLimbs in the Selkirk Section 72
The Selkirk Range 73 John Ricker Selkirks