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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 35
VOCJ35 thumb.jpg
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Muriel Pacheco 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
Presidents Message 3 Eric Nodwell
Editor's Message 6 Muriel Pacheco
Social Scene 1992 6 Don Blackburn
1993 UBC Climbing Competition 8 Lorne Hoover Climbing Competition
Grad News 9
Gregor, Al and Michael's Most Excellent Adventure 11 Michael Spagnut Wapta Icefield
Pushing Your Comfort Zone 13 Michael Spagnut Wedgemount Lake
A Yukon/Alaskan Scramble 15 David Williams Kluane Lake
Spring Skiing on the Stonecrop Glacier 17 Michael Spagnut Stonecrop Glacier
Crawling Up the Nose 19 Drew Brayshaw Habrich, Mt.
Climbing in France 22 Eric Clemson France: Climbing
Twenty-four Hours on Mount Currie 26 Brandon Konoval Currie, Mt.
Sun, Fun, and Snow 38 Shaun Johnston Diamond Head
Yak Attack 41 Scott Martens Yak Peak
Mts. Floyd, Foley, and Summer-time Meadows 45 Fern Heitkamp Foley, Mt.
Twentynothing 47 Drew Brayshaw
On 'Cheating', Commitment, and the Beauty of a BC Image 54 David Williams
Another Garibaldi Park Adventure 57 Michael Spagnut Garibaldi Park; Garibaldi Lake
Mount Davidson 59 Lorne Hoover Davidson, Mt.
Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island 60 Dave Pfeiffer Ellesmere Is; Baffin Is
An Ascent of Mt. Drum 68 David Holloway Drum, Mt.
The World's Best Mountain Biking is in Utah 75 Len Thomas Moab
East Coast Rock 78 Chris Gill North Canway
Mount Baker Express 80 David Way Baker, Mt.
Learning to Fly 81 Eric Clemson
The Spiral Gumby on Alpha 85 Mike Sample Alpha, Mt.
Welch Peak Whinging 90 David Way Welch Peak
Golden Ears 91 Sophie Royer Golden Ears
Blanshard's Needle -- Third Annual VOC Ascent 95 Fern Heitkamp Blanshard's Needle
Broken Islands 97 Markus Kellerhals Broken Islands
Bravado on Brunswick 99 Clemson & Hajeck Brunswick, Mt.
An International, Wet, and Fun Weekend at Garibaldi Lake 101 Jan Steele Garibaldi Lake
Garibaldi Lake 102 Sophie Royer Garibaldi Lake
Wedge Mountain: 1st 1992 VOC Assault 107 Rex Bailey Wedge Mtn.
First Canadian Assisted Norwegian Attempt on Wedge 108 Lorne Hoover Wedge Mtn.
Wedge 1992: The Epic 109 Richard Don Leblanc Wedge Mtn.
Guatemala and Belize: a journal excerpt 112 Denie Robichaud Guatemala
La Langtang National Park - Nepal 114 Martin Carver Nepal, La Langtang National Park
Pebble Creek Cabin The Long Way 120 Denie Robichaud Pebble Creek Cabin
The Mouse that Wouldn't Die 127 Fern Heitkamp Garibaldi Park/Lake
Pebble Creek 128 Mark Nielson Pebble Creek Cabin
Joshua Tree via the Slick Rock Trail 133 Chris Gill Joshua Tree
Mount Garibaldi - via Brohm Ridge 136 Andrew Port Garibaldi, Mt.; Brohm Ridge
Traversing the Ruahine Range (New Zealand) 138 Lisa Moody N.Z., Ruahine Range
By Candlelight at Garibaldi Lake 142 Fern Heitkamp Garibaldi Lake
Frosty Fun 143 Cynthia Monroe Frosty, Mt.; Manning Park
Cerise Creek 148 Louise Blomer Cerise Creek
A North Gully Escapade 150 Lorne Hoover
On Owl Lake 152 Denie Robichaud Owl Lake
Diamond Head/Elfin Lakes 153 Cord Steele Diamond Head
Sphinx Hut 154 Jan Palaty Sphinx Hut
In Memoriam: John Pringle 159
Chief Seattle 160 Chief Seattle
Gastronomic Secrets Revealed! 162 Fern Heitkamp Biff Bar; Recipe
ParaAlpinism 164 Pat Hajek Paragliding
The Name's the Thing 166 A. Nominus Naming Climbing Routes
The Circling Mountains 170 Markus Kellerhals
My First Sea Kayaking Trip 172 Denie Robichaud Indian Arm
What are some of those Old Fogey VOCers up to? 176 Ken Legg Kumbhakarna
Symphony of Silence 178 d.a. Blackburn Poem