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Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 37 (1994-1995)


The editor of this volume was Othes Prosser.

Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
Presidents Message 8 Blair Hammond
Editor's Message 10 Othes Prosser
Social Scene 94/95 11 Blair Hammond
VOC ALUMNI NEWS 14 Markus Kellerhals
VOC AWARDS OVER THE YEARS 16 Markus Kellerhals Awards
Stikine Ski Country - A ski traverse from the Stikine to the Iskut River 21 Markus Kellerhals Stikine River; Iskut River
A Skaha Trip-Let (the good, the bad, and the jugly) 25 Drew Brayshaw Skaha
Yosemite 1994 30 Mike Buda Yosemite
Panther Peak 37 Scott Martens Panther Peak; Tetrahedron Park
Through the Eyes of a Student Nurse 39 Ann-Marie Conway Lighthouse Park
Cannabis Wall 45 Dave Vocadlo Cannabis Wall
The Garlic-Heads Paddle and Eat: a Kayak Trip from Nootka Island to Tofino 50 Jan Palanty Tofino: Kayaking; Nootka Is.
Summer Mountaineering - the Neverending Adventure 62 Fern Hietkamp Meslilloet Mtn; Miller Creek; MacDonald, Mt.; Webb, Mt.; Joffre Peak; Athelstan, Mt.
Sport Climbing in the West 66 David Vocadlo Donner Summit; Lake Tahoe; Skaha; Smith Rocks
Mt. Adams, Washington 70 Scott Martens Adams, Mt.
Psyched in Summer 74 Guy Edwards Edith, Mt.
Angel's Crest 75 David Vocadlo Angel Crack
Canoeing in the Canadian Shield 77 Scott Martens Canadian Shield
Rex And Drew Up At Brew 81 Drew Brayshaw Brew Hut
Yak Crack 84 David Vocadlo Yak Peak; Coquihalla Pass
A Summer of Ascent of Mt. Fissile 86 Blair Hammond Fissile, Mt.
Glacier Living - Hiking the Stein-Nahatlatch Divide 88 Nahatlatch Divide; Stein Divide; Stein Valley
Adventure at the Pointy End 91 Blair Hammond Cape Scott
Purple People Eaters 97 Drew Brayshaw Coquihalla; Alpaca Peak
Fall Longhike '94 102 Longhike; Murrin Park
"Rock!" - Matier Glacier via Joffre Lakes 103 Scott Martens Matier Glacier
GLACIER SCHOOL #2 - November 5-6, 1994 107 Markus Kellerhals Glacier School; Cerise Creek
High Times at Smith Rocks 107 Drew Brayshaw Smith Rocks
Halloweeen 1995 112 Blair Hammond
NE Buttress of Steinbok 113 Guy Edwards Steinbok Peak: Northeast Buttress
Murder, Rape, and Pillage: Smith Rocks; The Epic Continues 115 Jennifer Babiak Smith Rocks
A Large, Heavily-packed Party Moving Difficulty over Easy Terrain 120 Blair Hammond Elfin Lakes; Mamquam Lake; Opal Cone
Smith Rocks Indirect 121 Smith Rocks
Welcome to Longhike - Resistance is Futile 124 Dan Perrakis Longhike
The Sound of Iron: An Odyssey on Squamish Granite 126 Mike Buda Squamish
SEARCH FOR THE BROCKENSPECTRE 130 Drew Brayshaw Grouse Mtn.; Harrison Lake Area
The Old Settler 133 Old Settler, The
Mt. Harvey and thereabouts 136 Marek Labecki Harvey, Mt.
Son of Rockschool 138 Blair Hammond Rockschool
Some moments in the backcountry 139 Cerise Creek; Red Heather Meadows; Taylor Meadows; Singing Pass; Brew, Mt.
Joshua Tree - "We're Good, Real Good" 145 Joshua Tree
"It's only another one hundred Miles..." 149 Smith Rocks
"WINTER" FROLICS ON NEEDLE PEAK 153 Drew Brayshaw Needle Peak
'Yaking in Indian Arm 155 Alex Mossman Indian Arm
Ethics - A Discourse 161 Mike Adub & Dave Avocado Climbing Ethics
FOOD PLANNING FOR TRIPS 163 Markus Kellerhals Food Planning; Food
Elizabeth's Travel's 166 Elizabeth Cheu Elfin Lakes; West Coast Trail
Phil and John Climb the Apron 168 J. Wong
Reflections on Being Crippled and Gimped 170 Eric Clemson
Jen, Joanna, Judith and Robyn's Top 10 Reasons to JOIN the VOC 173
To Sport or to Trad, That Is the Question 175 Dave Vocadlo Sport vs. Trad Climbing
The Chickens and the Fox 178 Alan Dibb Game
The Freezing Our Butts Off Halfway Up Cypress Blues 179 Agent Ict & Agent Snow
The Brew Hut Story - Continued 180 Markus Kellerhals Brew Hut
Four Years With the VOC: Reflections on Time of Learning and Experiences 182 Mike Buda
Winter Days at Taylor Meadows 185 Blair Hammond Taylor Meadows
A Rocky Mountain New Year Dec. 28 - Jan. 2 189 Joe Jazvac Yoho Park