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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 40
VOCJ40 thumb.jpg
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Mark Grist 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 2 Shane Cook
VP's Message 6 Shoshanna Reiter
Journal Editor's Message 7 Mark Grist
VOC Executives 1997-1998 8
Letter to a Climbing friend 11 Dave Dexter
A Novice on Garibaldi Neve 16 Yuriko Riesen Garibaldi, Mt.
A Waddington Range Traverse 18 Jeremy Frimer Waddington Range
Mt. Waddington: The Northwest Summit 32 Grahame Quan Waddington, Mt.
The New Undisputed Champion of My World 36 Jeremy Frimer Garibaldi, Mt.
Work and Play 41 Dave Campbell Western Canadian Rockies (unknown mountains)
Overseer and the Big Ziggy 53 Paul Fearing Zygomaticus Major; Overseer, Mt.
Sandbagged! 57 Drew Brayshaw The Old Settler
Rockies Hat Trick 65 Dave Campbell Temple, Mt.; Castle Mountain; Rundle, Mt.
Mt. Robson Kain Face Expedition 68 Jeremy Frimer Robson, Mt.; Resplendent, Mt.
Taking a Yak 75 Doug Wilm Yak Crack
Silvertrip 76 Drew Brayshaw Silvertip
A Bit of Fun - Summer 1997 79 John Millar Baker, Mt.; Colonel Foster; Redoubt, Mt.
BRE-X'ed! 83 Drew Brayshaw Vayu, Mt.
Exploring Bernard Creek by Foot, Truck And Bike 88 Andre Zimmermann Bernard Creek
No Cruxin' on Shuksan 90 Drew Brayshaw Shuksan, Mt.
Bumbling up Baker: A Sunny and Successful Ascent 94 Dan Perrakis Baker, Mt.
Washington Pass 99 Shane Cook Washington Pass
Climbing in Wyoming 103 Doug Wilm Grand Teton; Devil's Tower
Gemse Peak or Finding a Use For All Those English Courses 106 Chris Begley & Mike Gee-tay Gemse Peak
Cathedral Lakes 108 Joanna Wood Cathedral Lakes
Welcome To Hell 117 Ron Horwood Leavenworth; Sam Hill
Mooses, Mosses, and Stealthy Special Agents 120 Mark Grist North Vancouver Watershed
"I Can't Believe We Ate The Whole Thing!" 121 Drew Brayshaw Webb, Mt.
Marshwhackin' at Cassiope 127 Paul Fearing Cassiope, Mt.
French Free on Monkey Face 132 Olivier Exertier Monkey Face (Smith Rock)
The Stoltmann 134 Doug Wilm Elaho Region: Hiking
A Walk in the Woods 136 Joanna Wood Blanchard's Needle
A Perfect Weekend in Cayoosh 139 Jeremy Frimer Cayoosh Mtn.
Surfing Safari 140 Shane Cook Long Beach
Project Brew 145 Andre Zimmermann Brew Hut
Glacier School '97 148 Kate Edwards Glacier School
December On The Pemberton Icefield 151 Robin McKillop Pemberton Icefield Traverse
CAVING: Getting Down and Dirty in Cascade Caverns 155 Paul Fearing Cascade Caverns; Caving
Chasing El Nino 160 Shoshanna Reiter Joshua Tree
Baker Epic 163 Jeremy Frimer Baker, Mt.
The Garibaldi Neve Accompanied 169 Andre Zimmermann Garibaldi Neve
Bonnington Traverse 172 Michael Guite Bonnington Traverse
A Castle Tower Winter Ascent 175 Jeremy Frimer Castle Towers
Three Campers With Only Twenty Happy Toes 178 Ruth Patterson Sproatt, Mt.
Mastering the Moving Mountain 183 Robyn Scott Surfing
"To Ski or Not To..." There is no other option 186 Kate Zidek
Solo 188
A Justification of Yo-Yo Skiing 191 Andre Zimmermann Yo-Yo skiing
Thanks to the Pieces of Shit 193 Michael Guite
Did I get my money's worth out of VOC this year? 195 Roland Burton
Confessions of a failed exec member 196 Robyn Scott
Logan Bread Recipe 198 Andre Zimmermann Recipe
Mountain Trivia 199 Jeremy Frimer Trivia
The Distant Climbing Destination Catalogue 205 Shoshanna Reiter
The Changing Face of Mountaineering 211 Dan Perrakis
How to Write An Article For The Voc Journal 217 by someone who knows
Mountain Trivia Solutions 222