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Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
Editor's Message 2 Ellen Morgan
President's Report 6 Trish Strathers
Learning How to do Things the Hard Way I 19 Christian Veenstra Squamish
Thank God for Road Trips 22 Scott Fiddes Joshua Tree
Circus Circus 13 25 Matthew Breakey Red Rocks
Spelunking on Vancouver Island 28 Jenn Arnold Vancouver Island
Lost Gear and Roving in Las Vegas 32 Kaja Sadowski Red Rocks
What the hell was I thinking? 36 Scott Fiddes Squamish
Learning How to do Things the Hard Way II 38 Christian Veenstra Squamish
Escape from the Sea Cliffs 43 Scott Webster Howe Sound
Alexandra Fiord: Bouldering at a High Arctic Oasis 49 Geoff Hill Arctic
The Skier and the Climber 52 Anonymous