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Table of Contents

Article Page Author(s) Index
Editor's Message 2 Ellen Morgan
President's Report 6 Trish Strathers
Learning How to do Things the Hard Way I 19 Christian Veenstra Squamish
Thank God for Road Trips 22 Scott Fiddes Joshua Tree
Circus Circus 13 25 Matthew Breakey Red Rocks
Spelunking on Vancouver Island 28 Jenn Arnold Vancouver Island
Lost Gear and Roving in Las Vegas 32 Kaja Sadowski Red Rocks
What the hell was I thinking? 36 Scott Fiddes Squamish
Learning How to do Things the Hard Way II 38 Christian Veenstra Squamish
Escape from the Sea Cliffs 43 Scott Webster Howe Sound
Alexandra Fiord: Bouldering at a High Arctic Oasis 49 Geoff Hill Arctic
The Skier and the Climber 52 Anonymous
Meslillooet in a Day 57 Tim Blair and Scott Nelson Meslillooet
Princess Louisa Inlet 63 Michael Creighton Princess Louisa Inlet
Tent Bound Games 70 Boris Khramstov
Nootka Trail 73 Rueben Schulz and Philipp Winter Nootka Trail
Mountain Lake Hut 80 Chris Petrus Mountain Lake
Melvin and Lost Valley Creeks 82 Sandra Nicol
Why breaking in Boots should be done in te City... 84 Sarah Harrisson
The Aborted Alcoholic Traverse 86 Chris Petrus
Spatsizi - Land of the Red Goat 87 Boris Khramstov
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains 95 Kasia Cellar
Not a Walk in the Park 99 Kim Hunnam North Shore
From Russia with Love 103
The Great White North 106
The Art of Bling 109
Recreation and Conservation Update 112
Essential Ingredients for a Backcountry Trip 116
Dehydrating 117
Dirt Bag Climbers 120
Living the High Life 123
Pink Ladies 124
So You want to go to New Zealand... 125
Some Recipes 129
The Phenomenon of the Sea to Sky Highway 125
Quotes of the Year 136
Appendix A: Scott's Car 138 Jeff Mottershead
Escape from Read Island 145
Bigger is Better: Winter Longhike 149
Around Moresby 152
`Rippin' it up' on Red 157
Organizing Winter Longhike 159
Mt. Vancouver Survey Expedition 160
The Garibaldi Neve Traverse 169
Icy Rockies 174
Avalanche School 175
Escape from Mt Wrottesly 176
Brew Foundation Workhike 187
Assembly Week at the Brew 190
How we Brewed a Hut 192
Beta for the Blanca 203
Glacier School 209
VOC on K2 211
Scriptless 216
Journal Awards 222